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Facebook wants to know if I'm an organ donor. For some reason, this makes me nervous.

In all seriousness, organ donation is a great cause. I'll be curious to see what, if any, effect this campaign has on getting more people committed to becoming donors.
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Hmmm how's your liver +Shane Rhyne >.> I could really use this data for the new social network I'm creating called: BlackMarketBook ...
As a kidney transplant recipient, I am for this.
Ok, got it. Next time anyone asks for my liver status I will be alarmed. ;)
I'm sorry, especially since I sympathize so strongly, +Aaron Wood , but given FB's reputation and its constant privacy invasions, this just strikes me as especially creepy.
It's all fun and games until Facebook updates my status of "Saving a life" for me, and wake up in a bathtub full of ice... ok ok, enough jokes, this could be a good thing, but I am disturbed by Facebook doing this...
+Bj Novack I really do sympathize with anyone waiting for a organ transplant, too. In my country the legal situation is that no one once dead has to donor except he/she explicitly agreed ante mortem. I really would like to have it the other way round. If anyone is obliged to donor unless he/she rejects, there would not be any privacy issues, would it?
This is the problem here in the US too, +Caroline Buck. You have to specify on your driver license application whether you agree to be an organ donor. If you don't specify, then you aren't. And yes, I think the other way around would most likely work better. But maybe not . . . Anybody remember Max Headroom?
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