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Canadian 1 - is now full!
Starting a Canadian 2 Circle.

If you're Canadian, and you're awesome, and you want to be hooped; +1, comment, share, kick me, whatever.
My goal is to see how many Canadians we can get in shared circles.

Please make sure your profile is filled out

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Thanks for putting in the work to make up this Canadian circle.
Hey +Shane Pitre ! I make a mean Split Pea Soup, host the best kitchen parties AND can speak French if I've had enough beer! Does that qualify me?
I'm still figuring out this G+ thing. Is it polite for me to add this circle?
Thanks for including me in this circle, +Shane Pitre. I don't think I thanked you before, not sure I knew about it until today.
Same as Steven above, +Shane Pitre - only just found this and haven't thanked you. So thanks for the inclusion!