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Makes sense but didn't see that coming. Wow.

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Comment on OP.
Years ago I was hanging out in Seattle, after passing through Portland, with a handful of great people, one of which was +Steve Kondik.

This was years before anyone even really would have believed one day CM would have an actual office anywhere, let alone multiple offices. I said that night that all I ever wanted to see from CM was for it one day to go from a project where everyone was donating an incredible amount of time and effort to where those same people were now making a living doing it. Steve agreed, that was the dream.

Everyone seems quick to point out the mistakes made along the way that lead to where we are now, but I wanted to take a moment and recognize one thing. Steve went from working days without sleep in CM right alongside the community working just as hard to actually bringing those very people from the community on to a business where they got to continue doing what they loved, only they were now being paid for it.

Silicon Valley is ruthless, and more often than not it's the small mistakes along the way that'll end everything you've ever fought for. With little to no leniency you're putting a lot on the line to go after a dream like CM as a company. With the odds forever stacked against you from day one I'm really happy to see how far Steve took that dream.

Seeing Steve get knocked down in one way or another in the past and watching as he came back even stronger lets me know this is far from the end, it's just a big speed bump on a much longer road. Best of luck to you, Steve. I'm actively awaiting to see what's next.

Negative headlines sell clicks unfortunately, and that causes us to lose sight of all the positives that are associated with things. Drop a comment with your favorite memory of CM over the years it's been a thing since back when it was just a little thread on XDA (bonus points for remembering JF). CM has come too far to only be remembered by the current headlines being posted.
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This. So livid.
Glad to see the TMZ of Android chomping at the bit to selectively quote from posts in a private forum.

Need to get those clicks, even if it means misinterpreting the goals of the discussion and attempting to capitalize on a guy pouring his soul out.

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Cheers to you thus far, 2016. You have definitely pulled everyone off of auto-pilot.

This is how the world will see this year in the future. 

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I see you have finally shown yourself, Winter. 

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All of my life, the president has been a respectable person. Sure there have been compromises, politics, and scandals. But never a fundamentally despicable, lying, misogynistic, xenophobic, selfish, and yes, evil, man.

That's about to change. What. The. Fuck. America. Seriously. How naive and shortsighted can you possibly be?

How can I tell my kids that bullying is wrong when the president is one? That treating women badly is wrong when the president brags about it? That treating those who are different is wrong, when the president insults them?

I'm so ashamed right now. So very ashamed. God have pity on us.

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