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Shane “Norleans” Spencer
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#DVDFabComeBack I love this software and I need DVDFab come back! Visit:

Spread this around ladies and gentlemen. If you were against #sopa  This is yet another case of a great software utility getting hosed by the Entertainment industry.
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I like DVDFab too. I didn't use it as much as DVD rebuilder. But I could never get rebuilder to work on Windows 7. I used the big 3 all the time on XP. Decrypter, remake & rebuilder. The good old days...
Q: Why is soccer becoming so popular in America?
A: Because the NFL bans stuff like this.

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+Shane Spencer or it could be the influx of people from south of the border in record numbers. Just saying.

Shane Spencer

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Not yet ready for summer. 
Yup, this pretty much sums up the workweek alright.

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Shane Spencer

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Love the enthusiasm though....
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I feel like this is my server face! Lmao
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Shane Spencer

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I'm pretty sure they carry it at all corner Jet propulsion Laboratories, Engineering Bookstores +Curtis Kenworthy LOL
You win this time tail..., but I will get you next time!

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At last Med-Tech Geeks finally reveal a woman's true inner-self.

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Shane Spencer

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Surprise!!! Young man you need to be in front of an audience. Well done.
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Musician (Bassist)
Bassist, Publicist, Manager, Song Writer, and collaberation
  • Skeauxsha's Worked Everywhere Man
    Bassist, 1986 - present
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Carmichael California
Witchita Falls Texas - Solono California - Clearfield Utah - Houma Louisiana - Fairbanks Alaska - torrejon spain - Incirlik turkey - North Shore Oahu Hawaii - Minot North Dakota - Zweibrücken Germany - Upper Heyford Bicester, UK
I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted, and I won't be laid a hand on. I don't do these things to other people and I expect the same from them.
Artist Bio

"Skeauxsha" is a Cajun Rock Blues Power Trio from Carmichael, CA.
The Musicians: Jim "Chicken" Garrett 'Drums', and (Norleans) 'Bassist - Vocals, all boast more than 25 years of experience individually.

"Skeauxsha" was formed Five years ago, and has delighted audiences with their Unique and upbeat Party Style and Cajun Flavor, and has received accolades from around the world!!
Currently, "Skeauxsha" is enjoying the Honor of airplay in the UK on the: "Nervecast Radio Show"

The Band name is an interesting story.
We used to be called Skosh, which is a loose baking term, you know: "Just take a skosh of salt"

Well I hear things a little differently so it always sounded like: "Take a Skosh'a salt"

Now let's sprinkle in the Players of the band. All of us (TBA, Jim Garrett,and Norleans) are seasoned veterans of music, and each of us brings in a "Skosh'a" this, and a "Skosh'a" that to the mix.

Finally, the twist, I have been a New Orleans Saints fan for more than 37 years, and I thought what a better way to catch the eye than a Cajun twist to this recipe... "Skeauxsha" (Pronounced Sko-Shaw) and voila!!! A band name was made... :)

In fact the Band Name was so unique that when I first did a Google search no results came back. So I have had the name "Trade Marked"

Hope that helps... :)

Shane Spencer (Norleans) Bassist for Skeauxsha uses Pro-Pik Finger-Tone Split style Finger Picks.

Bragging rights
Not sure about the whole bragging thing, however I am pleased to be the Bassist for Skeauxsha. Trying to stay a down to earth sort of fellow, and approachable I’ll answer just about any question about myself I suppose all you would need to do is ask. This G+ page is something new I thought I would try out because of the interaction potential between people from all over the world. I post here at G+ topics of interest, humor, thought provoking, pictorial, personal and some anecdotal. In the long and the short of it… Of all the topics I post here on G+ perhaps if you’re thoughtful, and respectful in your comments I will do the same and we’ll get to know each other. If you’re a Dick like Troll and just here to promote “Stupid” I won’t even bother with you. Oh yeah, if your just here to see how many people you can get in your circles to pump up your ego keep moving I don’t do ego.
  • Life University
    Music, 1976 - present
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