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One thing that the Google Assistant has that puts other voice assistants to shame is the fact that you can have a contextual conversation with it. With information from previous questions or comman…
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Is the old nvidia shield tv getting the new software?
Yes. Shield 2 software will be ported down in Jan with features. To use assistant though you will need the new remote or controller
+richard hemenway​ Can you post your info source please? I was thinking about getting a remote so if this is the case I'll wait. 
It makes sense, since the new controller and remote are "passive listening" devices from what I've been reading.
+Stephen Nuytten​ I guess I got confused or something because I was thinking that the remote cost in the $20s. 
+Chris​ yeah the controllers definitely aren't cheap but at least the first Shield TVs aren't being left behind.
Tru dat!
I'm more pissed that the Remote included with Shield TV runs on a coin battery and apparently has no headphone jack.

If you look at the specs on the website:

Included AccessoriesSHIELD Controller
- Mic for voice search
- Hands-free voice support
- Headset jack for private listening
- Dual vibration feedback
- IR blaster for TV volume & power control
- 60+ hour gaming battery life
- Mic for voice search
- IR blaster for TV volume & power control

BOTH say "mic for voice search" but I understand that on the CONTROLLER you have to tap the NVidia logo FIRST, where the Remote is passive.

Now look at the specs for the Shield PRO:

- Mic for voice search

... that's it. So there is DEFINITELY something going on here.

If you click BUY from NVidia's web page, the Remote listings on Amazon, etc. take you to the ORIGINAL Shield Remote. So either we have issue here - or we're missing something.

Everything I've heard is that the Remote has been drastically changed - yet, the linked items from NVidia says "Just buy the original one".

I don't know.
+Shane Monroe​ you have it backwards, the new Shield Controller has the always on microphone not the remote. The 16gig Shield TV includes a new basic remote that doesn't have private listening and is not removable while the Pro model get the same remote Nvidia has sold since May 2015.
Yep, I talked to NVidia and got the full, straight scoop. My findings are on :)
Will this integrate\cooperate with Google Home? I have the Shield TV and Google home, will it detect that one or the other is closer and give the "responding on another device" like between the phone & home?
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