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Looks like you were spot on with this one :) Bummer it doesn't have a newer CPU. Will we ever see X2 in one of these?
Ian H
Any spec upgrades? Given the close relationship this line has to the Switch, it could be a forecast of things to come.

On it's own merits, looks great, and I'm glad to see more Nvidia coolness.
I couldn't see something special and I don't think it worth it to upgrade from your previous shield tv 
Most definitely not. I mean, if you want the new controller and you don't own the remote (that's almost $100 right there) - and you have a second TV in the house that could use your Shield TV OG ... Maybe.
What's the hardware spec differences? 
The underlying tech is exactly the same. The NEW Shield TV 16GB, however, IS MISSING THE MICROSD CARD SLOT. Which to me, is a HUGE slap in the face.
+Shane Monroe​ that's insane to have the SD slot absent but I guess they might be pushing us to use usb3 devices which would be faster. Maybe it has an extra usb port as a result of the missing SD. But why release pretty much the same device with what I consider minor changes - we can get all the apps features and updates and we can get a micro phone or just buy the remote controller and we are basically at the same level. I think the remote controllers were the only thing they needed to release along with the app features in an update. 
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