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Hmm... Wonder if Apple can give #Sprint back some of that iPhone money...
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Did ya hear this one? I just heard courts are actually ALLOWING a lawsuit filed by some parents, against APPLE for their kids being addicted to iPhone games, and it costing the parents $$!!! The parents want Apple, and the creators of a 'Smurf' app, to "give them their money back"...! Why not just APPLE, why NOT Samsung, Amazon, Kindle Fire, all the other makers of devices too? It's just the tip of the iceburg now... I can't believe the courts didn't throw this out as frivolous or something... Nothing compared to the #Sprint suit you're mentioning up there, but puhhleeez!
+Angie Friesen becaues Apple didn't have the safeguards in place to prevent it.. Amazon, Samsung, Google Market/Play Store, all have parental code options in their settings that can be set that require a pin code or password to be used to prevent in-app purchases.. If you haven't set those on your phone / kindle, you should! :D - Chances are it will get thrown out because it's not Apples job to control what the kids are doing with the devices.
My friend has an iPhone, and she's set a password on it... I know I can on my Kindle & Droid, I just haven't YET, because I've erased my c.card# completely off the account... I just can't believe some parents, really... Just shaking my head... I PRAY it gets thrown out! It is only the result of 'lack of parental control!'
+Angie Friesen Well you should still go in and set the passwords, disable in-app purchases, etc.. Some carriers allow you to make app purchases and bill them directly to your phone account w/o a credit card.
LoL - yah, my parents wouldn't have sued Apple, instead I wouldn't be able to sit down for a few weeks and I'd be doing a lot of hard manual labor for free for them.
I know, right? Good idea on the allowing it to be billed reason... Hadn't thought of that one! Thanks! ;)
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