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Hi All,

I have a customise report in Analytics that draws AdWords data that shows clicks, impressions, goals, ctr, etc.

When I add a secondary dimension for Search Query both the clicks and impressions drop.

Can anyone tell why this would happen please?



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Come and join me at Wordcamp!

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Our favorite hairdresser at Noosa has a new blog post.

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If you need a hairdresser around Noosa check out Harlem Hair. Sandy will look after you.

Cheers to +Richard Flanagan​​, +Katherine Berg​​, +David Booth​​ and the team at Google for another great Google Partners Masterclass in Sydney. 

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Just published a blog post on website A/B testing for beginners. Check it out and let us know what you think.

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Taking Noah for his first surf.

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Great article from Commission Flow. If you are a Real Estate Agent you will want to read this.

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Just got it in the nick of time. 

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