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Live vicariously,....through yourself.
Live vicariously,....through yourself.

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Great App first off. Thanks for providing a way for us to get the Android Auto experience on older car models.

I just have one feature request

When a text message appears, instead of only being able to respond via voice or the I'm driving auto text, it would be nice to be able to create to send from a selection of premade texts. A user would set these up in settings. When a text is received, clicking the notification would pop up a screen with these in a list along with the voice option.

I used DriveMode for a while and this was one of my favorite features.

Love drive mode. One thing that would be nice is to be able to have my music app open and leave drive mode minimized. I can do this now but have to start the app then go back once drive mode returns and then select the app again. The drive mode main screen with the time is pretty useless to me. I'd rather see my music app and easily swipe to get to the drive mode section I need like calling my friends. 

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You should really check out this new app called Drivemode! I can send texts by voice and easily control music without leaving my navigation

I purchased the premium version mostly for the ability to use automate as the home screen when it's in car mode. This doesn't seem to be working for me. My phone asks me which program I want to use as home every time I open an close automate. Am I missing something? I just want it as home when in car mode. 

I've been enjoying the free version and want to buy premium but the one issue holding me back is I can't get automate to read my sms messages automatically even though I have set the option in settings. Any help is appreciated.

Boost Charge actually drains my battery. (LG G2 VZW VS985 5.1.1). Anyone else experiencing this?

Is the latest Beta version V I haven't gotten any updates in a while.

I've reported this in the past but not sure if anyone else experienced this. I'm using swipe unlock and most of the time when I turn on my screen my home screen is visible for a second before the lock screen shows up. It's pretty annoying. 

Can we please get user selectable lock and unlock sounds? 

Latest beta update has caused my auto screen rotate button to flip screen upside down in home screens. LGG3 stock. Unrooted. Android 5.1.1
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