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My WatchMaker Watch Faces

Just a pinned post to point to my FaceRepo page which lists all my faces in one place.
Also has latest pics of the faces due to updates/changes.
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May I have the Ingersoll Bison N° 11 round again?
It is deleted at facerepo. Thx. Maybe it's possible.
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Shane Lee

Nexus 5x  - 
Anyone else find the fingerprint sensor on Nexus 5x won't work if hands are a bit sweaty? 
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+Shane Lee​... But the battery is very fast empty... 
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Shane Lee

Nexus 5x  - 
3 days in with my Nexus 5x and I thought I would post my early thoughts and findings for those who are still on the fence about getting one.

Firstly, I want to say that I am a Nexus fan but NOT a "fanboy".
I've used several Nexus devices and also devices from most other big players so I would say I am pretty un-biased.
And finally, these are MY opinions only based on what I like and don't like, others may have different feelings.

Look & Feel
First thing that hit me is the size. It's about 1cm taller than the old N5 and slightly wider but feels much bigger in the hand to me, though I suppose I would get used to it.
It's also slippy feeling and it has slipped out of my hands several times already. 
The fingerprint reader placement feels odd and unnatural and I think it should be on the front (though the wife, who has used iPhones says it feels completely natural compared to iPhone and is where it should be) and power and volume buttons are placed halfway down the phone's side, it gives the whole thing a very awkward feel to me.
Having said that, it looks really nice indeed, nicer than the N5. I went for the black version because I like the "stealth" look and it was the right choice.
Not everyone likes plastic but I don't mind it, it doesn't look or feel particularly cheap to me. Not keen on the raised camera and the bezels seem really chunky but overall, it looks good.
In short:  I have mixed feelings...

The screen size is perfect. Just the right size and the colours look nice and bright without the garishness of an amoled.
The whites are on the warm side, which I like though blacks look a bit pale and viewing angles could be better.
Although it's 1080p (perfect for me, I'm not interested in battery sapping 4k), the dpi looks higher than the old N5 so text and icons look much smaller which isn't ideal since my close-up sight isn't good.
In short:  I'm happy with the screen.

Far too early to tell but in these first days it's been pretty bad and I'm only getting a little over 2 hours SoT.
But I remember with the first Nexus 5 battery life was appalling for the first week then it settled down and improved a lot, though was always inconsistent.
In short:  too early to tell...

I'm not big on photography and I'm not obsessed with camera quality as many tech site reviewers are.
The pics look good and it focuses and takes them quickly, that's good enough for the family type shots I take.
Low light shots look pretty good but needs more testing.
It shoots 4k video but the end result doesn't look any different to 1080p to me (on the wife's LG G3 there is a clear difference but then she's viewing on a higher res screen).
One note is that there seems to be a problem swiping between photo and video recording. I swipe and swipe but it won't change, other times it does.
In short:  Needs more testing but looks good so far...

Although I really like LG's UI, it's always refreshing to come back to pure android. Though this time it doesn't feel all rosy.
Last time I used my N5, the icons were really big and the grid-size for icons and widgets was 4x4.
On the 5x the grid-size 5x5 and all the icons look really squashed together. I don't like it much but some might.
I'm also really disappointed see one of my biggest pet peeves is still there - truncated icon labels!!
I hate seeing icons on the homescreen with labels like "News & We..", "Amazon Ki..", ES File Expl.." etc.
I would really like to see more space allowed for labels or to let them roll on to a second line.
Of course the above points can be easily remedied with a 3rd party launcher...

I thought the ambient screen thing would make up for losing the "knock on" tap-to-wake feature from LG but I find it a bit useless.
I assumed I would be able to pick up the phone and get an "at-a-glance" view of my notifications and clock but in reality I have to wave the phone about quite a bit before it shows and sometimes it doesn't show at all. Yet if I lay it on a surface and just slide it across about an inch it lights up!  Maybe I'm missing the point...

I expected a really zippy and smooth interface with the extra power and it's certainly not slow but it doesn't feel any snappier than the old Nexus 5 or the LG G2 I had previously.
Some apps open slowly and I notice quite a bit of stuttering when scrolling at times.
In short:  mixed feelings...

So to sum up, I'm finding it hard to like the phone at all.
It has good points but at the moment they are overshadowed by the bad points.
I'm sure in time it will grow on me but I have to decide whether or not I want to wait to find out or take it back now.
I don't want to go another couple of months and find out the battery is still terrible and it's too late to take it back but then there is the draw of pure android and fast updates that I won't get with other phones (except the big flagships, while they are still flagships).
I just dunno...
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Hi Shane. I went with a Zuk1 - Lenovo. It's great Cyanogen OS. 48 gig rom and 3gig ram plus a huge 4000+ma battery. Fingerprint and usb 3, for 229 £!!! Oh 5.5" screen. Love the OS. Sorry you are not taken with the Nexus. I nearly bought it but the battery put me off and the QHD screen. IMO its Overkill. Give me a full HD any day. This is 480ppi. It's running a 801 not cutting edge but not a overheating 810. Works with the screen and huge battery perfectly. Looking for the best watches to load on it! Why I'm here;). Take care! 
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Shane Lee

Round Watch Faces  - 
Tag Formula 1 Calibre 5 2 in 1

This is my second most popular face ever but I've never used it because I always felt it was missing something. I believe that something was depth, it was a bit flat and boring. So I made it better.
- Added lighting to the face.
- Added shadows to the markers as they are raised up on the real watch.
- Added my "tap to change" dim mode, with new visual notification of the change. Tap 6 to switch on/off/night only.
- To make the update more worthwhile I've also added in the white version of the real watch.  Tap centre to switch between black/white.
Also added the white version
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Is there any dropbox link
The facerepo link is down
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Shane Lee

Questions & Discussions  - 
Issue with tap zones +Alex Curran​​​​

1. Tried setting a tap action to launch timer.
Set tap action to "Watch: Timer".
On tap I get a screen to set an alarm. NOT timer.

2. Tried setting a tap action to launch agenda
Set tap action to "Watch: Agenda"
On tap I get a screen that says "No events"
If I manually launch agenda a get a very long list of upcoming stuff
<Edit>That second point is an issue with android wear and nothing to do with WM.

Haven't tested with other apps as I wouldn't use them.

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Will take a look thanks
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Shane Lee

Discussion  - 
I used to be able to say "Listen to TV" and it would tell me what film is playing but now it listens but always says it can't find a match?
Is this working for anyone else in UK?
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mark s
UPDATE... it's now not working for me on both devices. 
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Shane Lee

▶ Troubleshooting Help  - 
After doing a USB restore on my Chromebook (Acer C720) I immediately updated to Beta channel but I've noticed the fonts on the tabs and bookmarks look terrible.
Is this a temporary known issue or have fonts changed recently? 
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resolution ?

ctrl shift +
ctrl shift  -

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Shane Lee

Nexus 5x  - 
I've noticed the battery stats reset if I reboot the phone.
Says the phone has been on 10 minutes but it was taken off charge at 7am.
What's that all about?
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Shane Lee

Nexus 5x  - 
I have my new N5x coming Monday from Carphone Warehouse UK (they said I could have it today if I went for blue!!)
Trouble is, I'm wondering if I've made a mistake?
I seem to be seeing a lot of negativity towards it and people don't seem to feel it's much of an upgrade.
I had the original N5 and loved it but eventually dumped it for an LG G2 after becoming frustrated with the battery life and camera.
Now I feel I should be excited but I'm not any more and wondering if I can live without tap to wake and IR blaster :o(
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+Shane Lee​... Good to know, I would buy it, but in Austria I must wait... Thanks for your impressions.... 👍 👍 👍 
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Shane Lee

Round Watch Faces  - 

I will no longer be making watch faces for various reasons but I couldn't say goodbye without trying to finally get this watch right (it was originally made with the intention of being my own "ultimate" watch face).
Re-made face, bezel, hands, everything from scratch again but now tried to get the colours and textures etc closer to the real thing.
Painstakingly re-positioned every day and number on the day and date wheels to finally get the damn things to match up properly.
Added all the animated rotating bezel nonsense seen on my recent efforts.

Full Fat Edition
UPDATE - 11/02/15 - bezel now has accurate font
- Tap centre to turn bezel on/off.
- Tap 9 to rotate bezel in 1 minute increments for countdown function
- Tap 3 to align bezel with minute hand for time elapsed function
- Tap 12 to reset bezel.
- Tap 6 to change dim mode - switches between On/Off/Night Only

Low Fat Edition
- No bezel
- No zooming/rotating/animations
- More battery and power friendly
- Tap 6 to change dim mode - switches between On/Off/Night Only
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Brilliant!!!thanks +Shane Lee😉
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Shane Lee

Discussion  - 
If I say "OK Google, show my agenda", I get a list of all my upcoming events and appointments.
If I swipe and tap the Agenda app it just shows "No events".
Same thing if I say "OK Google, Agenda". No events.
What's going on?
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+Shane Lee I think by asking the watch, the query is passed to the phone or tablet its connected to hence it finds the calendar entries. Illl check mine in a bit and report back....
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Shane Lee

LG G Watch R  - 
Has anyone here tried an anti-glare screen protector on the G Watch R and are they any use?
Or anything else that helps the screen more visible in sunlight?
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You're welcome. Works for the R too. 
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