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My WatchMaker Watch Faces

Just a pinned post to point to my collection which includes all available watch faces by me (aka Shandroid)

Got a bit of a problem. I thought it was related to running android beta but it doesn't look like it now.
I did a factory reset and chose the option to restore from a cloud backup but got not option to choose a backup and the device was setup as new.
After looking at the backup section in google drive, I noticed there is nothing there except for a Whatsapp backup.
It seems all my android backups have been completely wiped but I have no idea how?

I have discovered quite a major issue but not sure if it's beta related or something to do with my Google account.
I just did a factory reset and on setting up, I chose to restore from a cloud backup.
At no point during the setup did I get the usual option to choose which backup (or any backup) to restore.
So basically the device is setup as new with no settings restored and no apps installed.
Just to be sure I hadn't made a mistake I did another factory reset and made sure I definitely chose the cloud restore option but again, it's setup completely as a new device.

Anyone else factory reset recently?

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Sorry but yet another mobiliser issue.
Seen this one before but thought it was a one-off before today.
As you can see, the content is shown over the photo, making it almost unreadable...

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And more issues with mobilised content and again, one I'm seeing a lot of.
The screenshots here are from an article about newsreaders.
In the middle of each shot (where the bits of pictures are (another bug) you can see it talks talking about something else.
In one it's pointing to another story on iOS 10 and in the other about Apple music but it all merged into the rest of the article text.
These are just two examples from one article. One article that contained around 20 other examples.

There are also other instances where photo captions are also merged in with the rest of the article.

It's getting very messy and confusing.
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Not sure if this is a "fix" or just my phone but since this latest beta, screen rotation on my 5X works how it should have from the start.
Previously, if I put the phone on a flat surface or even held it anything approaching flat, it would rotate to landscape (usually just as I'm trying to tap on something).
Now I can lay it flat, use it on a table etc and it keeps its orientation, only rotating when I actually want it to.

Anyone else?

It just gets worse and worse...
After getting sick of problems with the beta and reported issues not being fixed I've been on stable for a while but Google Now has become next to useless.

If I switch to nova launcher then the feed switches to 2 pane view (which I don't like) but most of the time appointments and other "upcoming" stuff appears in the main feed pane whilst the "upcoming" pane says nothing to show.

When back on Google Now Launcher the feed reverts to single pane but several times a day it changes.
Some of the time the main feed shows news and stuff and Now on Tap on home screen shows upcoming appointments so it kinds works like the dual pane setup the other times everything is bunched in the main feed and Now on Tap shows nothing.

Like I said, it changes throughout the day and it's often different everytime I use it.
How is it useable when you have no idea where the stuff is going to show up?

I have used both Google Now and Now on Tap since each were first added and I've been convinced this would become something great but it doesn't look like it ever will.

Is it now a case that they have put so much effort into Assistant on the pixel that it just doesn't work properly with anything else?

And despite lots of moaning, lots of feedback sent and bugs reported that stupid search widget STILL doesn't work properly, STILL keeps moving the search bar about and STILL keeps messing up the padding on the home screen.
It's been months!

Although this community is linked to from the official Android Beta page, can anyone tell me if anyone from the Google team is actually involved or reads it?
The reason I ask is because I joined to see what bugs are reported so I can try to reproduce them or see if other people are experiencing the same bugs as me so I can report them if needs be.

The trouble is, it seems 90% of the posts here are either from people with non pixel/Nexus phones asking where the beta is for their phone or from people who have opted out of the beta and want to know where the rollback/stable OTA is.
And judging by the increased amount of recent posts about the latter, it seems the majority of people here are simply after the latest update no matter what it is so they opt in to the beta because it's an update then see a security update which is "newer" so they opt out to get that.

I'm not normally one for ranting, I'm just trying figure out if there's any point hanging around this community anymore...

Anyone here using the Pixel Launcher from APK Mirror?
If so has anyone had the microphone/voice search icon show up on the pill widget?
I prefer the look and slide up drawer on this launcher compared to the stock one but lack of one-touch access to voice search is a pain.

I used pixelROM for a while and got the mic to show once but no idea how.

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I'm seeing a lot of mobilised content looking like this from many different sources.
All this dead space and I find myself having to scroll quite a way down to get to the actual content.
Can this be fixed?
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