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Shane Kloosterman
♦ Experienced Android User ♦ Device: Nexus 6P ♦ Moderator ♦ In need of assistance? Ask me!
♦ Experienced Android User ♦ Device: Nexus 6P ♦ Moderator ♦ In need of assistance? Ask me!
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Could there be an option to disable headsup notifications?

I have this weird bug that sometimes messages don't appear until I restart whatsapp completely. This happens since the latest yowhatsapp release. Known, perhaps?

I don't hide the second tick.

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Old Cartoon Characters 😁✌
Credits - Andrew Tarusov
Stay Tuned With Osum Walls 😋

Download Whole Zip From Mediafire -
10 Photos - View album
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I can't get the NavBar music visualizer to work. Neither can I get the statusbar visualizer to work. Any settings I missed?

I'm running stock android on an Nexus 6P.

Both stock DPI (560) and 500 are not working so DPI seems not to be the problem. I don't have anything like viper or something.

Tested with:

- Spotify
- YouTube

It seems Google Play Music works, why doesn't Spotify and YouTube work?

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Playing Uncharted 4, so sad it's the last one of the series! Definatly the best game of the year! Now lets see what Naughty Dog brings next..
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If anyone finds an issue with the Dutch Translation, inform me here.

Do we have any icon designer in this community? Looking for a designer for 1 icon.

We heard you, an update for Insta+ 8.0.0 is in the works. No ETA.

If your Instagram is crashing, please clear data.

Apparantly I have been inactive on Google+ for weeks. This is because I'm working on some new projects besides Android.

However, I made sure to get rid of my OnePlus 2 and i'm now using the Nexus 6P! Just wanted to let you know i'm alive.
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