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Wild Roses on main street Shankill
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Dear Google.

Why is the user interface for Instant Upload so bad.? And how come it is the only Google product that has never heard of a context sensitive menu.

I imagine that the first use case when Google designed the Instant Upload feature of Google Plus was something like this.

User takes a bunch of photos, they upload in the background, User logs on, deletes crap ones, and selects good ones to put into an album.

Here is how that was implemented.

User logs in. 30 photos are uploaded. User scrolls thorugh the 30, clicks on the 5 really crap ones to select them and looks for some easy way to delete them. 

Oh Oh. You would expect a thrash icon to appear. No.

User right clicks thinking surely that there is a context sensitive menu with delete in it. No.

User recalls seeing a delete button at the top. Scrolls back up to the Delete button, is about to press it when he realises that he may have accidentally clicked on a fifth one. User scrolls back down to double check. User scrolls back up and finally presses delete.

Adding photos to an album is accomplished in the same way. You scroll for ever.

Please fix this.



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Ya Gotta Love Apple's first logo. Steve Jobs must have been still in his Mendicant Friar Mode at the time.

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How do you access g+ interests on the Android app?

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A special camera shows a surfer above the surface and the water below.

http://www.A special

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Plants in Shankill
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Wild FoxGloves in Shankill
June 25, 2012
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