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I just wanted to take a quick survey of the group: what plastic are you using to print your parts? PLA? ABS? Other?

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I grew tired of having to purchase new Formlabs Form1+ vats, so I designed one that I could print on my Prusa i3. It is printed in PLA with 4 perimeters, 50% infill, 0.2mm layer height, and uses standard 1/4" soda lime glass. I am honestly surprised no one has done this yet.

Photos can be found here:

Is there a recommended list of upgrades to do to a K40 laser cutter? Winter is Coming and I'll have some time on my hands to finally do the upgrades to mine...

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For those of you that are interested in UV 3D printing for investment casting (jewelry, dental, etc), we've finally released our premium investment casting resin called MakerJuice WaxCast!

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It's been almost two years in R&D: MakerJuice Labs is proud to announce the immediate release of our newest product: MakerJuice WaxCast. WaxCast is a premium, direct investment casting resin designed for jewelers and engineers, professionals and hobbyists alike who are looking to get the best results from their printers.

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For those wanting an OS alterantive to Creation Workshop, you might want to look at Skylight, which is being developed by the folks at SeeMeCNC. It's very bare-bones and is still buggy, but it's at least functional:

I recently regenerated my users.yaml file (delete users.yaml, restart octoprint) and now I've lost the link on the top task bar to reboot my system / restart octopritnt. Any idea how I might get that back?

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Taung Child Skull, Australopithecus africanus. 
Printed full-scale using white PLA on my Prusa i3.
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Taung Child Skull, Australopithecus africanus
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Quick question: does OctoPrint support having multiple printers plugged into a powered USB hub and then allowing the user to select which printer to print to using a dropdown box or similar from the GUI?

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A massive 40-hour print of a Saber Toothed Cat, Smilodon fatalis.  The final print measures 12" from base of skull to tip of jaw and was printed in Gold PLA from SeeMeCNC.  I ended up printing this in four pieces so I could fit it on my printer and I glued it together with super glue.
Saber-toothed Cat, Smilodon fatalis (3D Print):
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