Finally got a mount for my screens from Easy Mount LCD, it was normally 400, got it for 100 after shipping. The construction is impressive, very solid.

Some things I learned:

The foot (which is very heavy to hold up the weight) takes up a lot of real estate, my keyboard is very close to the edge of my desk now.

Even though I purchased the model with the bowed arm, and I tucked the outside monitors behind the center it is still quite straight in comparison to when I had it set up on my desk. On my desk they were at more of a 45 degree angle.

Set up the center screen first to adjust the height. Adjusting it afterward is quite a pain due to the weight of the monitors.

Although the assembly is simple, it doesn't mention you should definitely put the mounts on the screens off the mount itself. That might be self explanatory to some, but I had to take it back apart to put the monitors on.

It's going to take some getting used to if your monitors are like mine were before, at a 45 degree angle. I'll have to report back after some long term use.
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