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How do we dismiss an alarm that is in a snoozed status? 

I like to keep a clean status bar. I found on a previous version that if I used Android to block notifications, dismissing alarms was impossible. I am on the test version now and I see a left side notification telling that I have an upcoming alarm. If I block notifications on this version, will it cause issues?

One work-around that I would request: Allow users to determine when to show that notification. Maybe only showing it a few (1?) minutes before the alarm time would be a good compromise? 

I have several devices that are all running Tasker and Autoremote.  My daily carry device is set up where I can send an Autoremote message to each device.  Each device has a profile where if it receives the message, it responds with an Autoremote notification back to my daily carry device.  The purpose of this setup is so that I can interrogate the device's battery state.  Upon successful exchange, my daily carry device gets a notification, complete with sound and icon with the information "As of 3:24, the Nexus 7's battery is at 45% and is not charging".  The time, battery level and the "is not" are all results of variables in the target device.

This has worked wonderfully on as many as 7 devices, but lately two of my devices are only responding to the message when the device is awake.  For example, if I send the message to the V410, I get no notification on the daily carry until I turn on the V410.  The several other devices reply just fine with display off in less than a minute.

Now here is the question...Is the device getting the message while off, but not responding to it, or is it not getting the message until it is on.  One way to find out is to add a step to the target device's task, to set a variable %GOTCHA to %TIME upon receipt of the message.  This puts a time stamp on the receipt.  Here it is 5:12 and I just sent the message to the target device.  If it has received the message in its off state, It will set that variable to 5:12.  I have just turned the device on (woke it actually) at 5:20 and my daily carry got the message.  I open Tasker on the device and sure enough, %GOTCHA is 5:20, telling me that Tasker did not get the message until I turned the device on.

I have WiFi set to on, of course, and in advanced settings "Keep WiFi on during sleep" is set to "always".  Other applications seem to have no internet interruptions when the display is off, Pandora continues to play.  Other notificaions come through.  Is there a setting in Tasker for monitoring said messages?  I have had this working for a while and haven't changed anything, unless there was an update to Tasker.

Any ideas?

I am no longer seeing templates being saved in new theme folders. I also never see more than one previous theme when I press the icon in the lower left. I am on the latest build. 

What element do I need to colorize to make the play store and google music app background to be dark? All my selections for backgrounds are dark gray but they stay white. Those apps are selected in the "what to theme" page. 

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I can't get my notifications or quick toggles to theme. The colors should coincide with the settings menu seen in the background of the attached image. This is on a galaxy tab pro 8.4 running 3/10 nightly. 

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SMS/Whatsapp/Wechat/Line/Kakao, or use any other Android apps on Win/Mac with #AirDroid3:

I've got a "Find phone" task that is triggered by AutoRemote message.  I have it set to return a notification to the "last sender".  I would like to initiate this from a web browser.  How do I set the web browser as the last sender?  What do I put in the browser field labeled:

 "Act as Sender (Optional)
The device that receives this message will reply to this device key when choosing "Last Sender" in the devices list)"

I use autoremote notification (on my phone) to send a notification to several devices (other phones and tablets). Those devices intercept those notifications and send their own notifications back to me with several Tasker variables.

How can I then cancel the notifications that are on all the other devices? I don't want to do a blanket "Notify Cancel". I just want to cancel the one I sent. I've tinkered a little with the "id" field but can't get anything to work. What do I need to know? 
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