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***Comment*** on this post and I might give u a shoutout in tomorrow's video!!!
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Shoutout!!!!! :) love you <3
You're awesome shane!!!!!! <3<3<3
Vera B
that was so good!
This might be the weirdest Hang with Shane video so far. When your mom and +Shanna Malcolm were dressing up in those outfits i was like: WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!?

You have to inteeview rebecca black ;D
I'm excited for the talk show :) 
I cant wait for the Shaynaynay Show... I love the thought  :3
PUT ME IN YOUR VIDEO, SHANE.<3 I love you so much :)
OMG OMG OMG Can i have a shout out please :D <3 IM SUCH A HUGE ASS FAN :D im going to be Shananay for Halloween this year :D <3
i love shane more than anything he inspires me and makes me feel so good when i watch his videos i just smile and forget about all my problems...follow your dreams..:) <3
I'ts ok i wasn't planning to sleep tonight any ways :/
Shane luuuuv uuuuu PS. PLZZZZZ Dont cut your hair
Hey Shane put me in you video! Because I'm never picked please?:)<3
I freaking love u!!!! Just thought u needed to know :)
who da fuck uses google + lol its like twitter nd tumblr cunfusing nd retarded like kim kardashian  
You're using it though....hypocritical much? 
Your mom is so funny!!!!!!!!!
hey shane, ive got a question for you;
My dad is probably going to jail (i wont get into details), but i wont see him for a pretty long time. Since you didnt really have a dad while growing up, how did you deal with it? My dad has always been my best friend and I dont know what to do.
Odds are you wont even see this, but if you do, please answer in a 'Ask Shane' or just drop me a line. Thanks..
PLEASE PUT THIS IN AN ASK SHANE!!! why isnt there ever any nice things about high school?? where do i get your shirts if im in australia????? i want one so badly even though my parents dont really approve of most things i watch on youtube xD
How is it dat everyone (including me) luvs dis guy dat is so racist? I luv u but I still don't understand
You record parts of videos while driving and I listen/glance at the videos whilst driving lol
i find it surprising when lucas laughs at shana's dirty jokes because
you know him as fred, the inoccent one. lol
i love ur videos and can u give me a shoutout i have only 3 people who r my frinds and no one but them
Omg I loved that video and u (wait does that make me gay...(picture of some hoe Shows up) nope) lol Shane keep the videos coming and I think u should get Hannah montana and omg u are so funny
Well I cant say to no to a shoutout oppurtunity from Shane Dawson himself!! :) Why hello Shane:) hehehhehehehehehhe ;)
MY BIRTHDAY IS TODAY . I WAS WONDERING IF I CAN BE NEXT TO GUITAR GUY (Mike)OR IF YOU COULD GIVE ME A SHOUTOUT . ??? I love all your vids there hilarious please never stop making them!!
Hey Shane u r awesome I love you ^-^ ....... "Jenna marbles getting everybody pregnant" XD
..Shane I love you so much you inspire me to do things I could not have ever done without you. You are my hero. And if it will do you no harm could you put me next to the guitar guy that sings your songs? I LOVE YOU! 
shane i ammmmmmmmm a great fan i love you sooo much and i watch your videos all the time and my friends love you to and i want shanannay to interview gwatsky and isekc andddd selena gomez on her talk show k thnx luv you always and forever and should shout me out cause im mexican lol  and a awesome one too lol :D <3 love thnx and plz shout me out in your videos <3
Your mom looks awesome!!! Lol. XD
Brilliant, absolutely brilliant... Oh sorry, I was talking about Lucas's smile, not your mom. But she's aiight too.
hey shane if shnaynay sean a gost woud she have sex with it
HAhaha your mom is hilarious! Saw that vlog yesterday
awesome i love u shane!!!!!!!add me
Aww i love your mom shes so awesome and chill :)
hahaha your mom is adorable :) (i dont know if it's rightly spelled xD)
Aww I love your mommy she's so cool with everybody :-D
your amazing! shoutout please?!?!
Ur mom so sweet and funny I love her :) 
Omfg I love you sooooo much!!!! I love you! I love you! I LOVE YOU! :) <3 and OMG Fred was awesome lol he is funny but so is your mom lol your mom is sooo funny :) 
Do u know that you're the reason i opened google+. And i freaking love u as much as much as the fishes love water. that sounded less cheesier in mu head
Shane you are really awsome!!!!!!!!! :D I hope one day i see you I dont know at the street and say Hey! waaaazaaaaa! LOL
This is a funny video by the way u should dress up as a power puff girl is the next ask Shane by the way u Is orsome 
HaHa I love all this random crap! 
Haha I love you Shane!!! Phahahahhahahah!! Car rides seem fun with you lol 
Man! You never give us google plussers any shout outs like you say you will!!! but its ok cause we lovee you anyway
Lambchop told me some news about my test results: ahem, this is a disease that never ends! we found 2 lumps In Ur brain. It is inoperable we don't know what 2 do! Ur internally bleeding and you'll be dead by noon! This is a song..... (lol luv u Ur vids n Ur awesome hair!). 
Why always saying ,,luv u shane" or ,,i superluv u shane" i know he's frickin awesome but he can always just find one comment.
Next vid plzplzplzplzplz i think your awesome man best youtuber next to pewdiepie
Next vid plzplzplzplzplzplzplzplz your an awesome and get a shotgun for the people stalking your mom!!!!!
ooo girl that way to much on da hips
Smosh would awesome on the talk show and Ian could dress up as metro-sexual hipster 
comment :) i love your show your a super inspiration love you 
i love ur show man imfao anyways ur cool c: i fucken love ur hair shane <3
Shane plz plz give me a shutout!!!!!!!!! I want to be a black person deep down!!!!!
Heyy! Would loooove a shout out! SHANE DAWSON 4 LIFE <3 <3 i send my love from NY :D
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