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**Comment** on this post and i might give u a shoutout in tomorrow's video!! :)
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shane i love your videos!!!
Omg!! Luvin the new look!!! Hahahaha, live u Shane! Ur amazing!
omg just got on google plus and i found u plez give me a shoutout
Shane we love you!!!! I wish u gave me a shoutout tho.....:'( @MooDawson on youtube....
U look gay but in a good way :p please put me next to the guitar guy!
Shane I love you and will never take a vacation from your videos
i dyed my hair blue once and everyone thought i was an idiot for doing that..then st patricks day cam around somehow it turned green by that time...weird...
Shane, you never honestly give us google+ people shout outs... But its ok!
shane you never give us a shout out..
no offecnce but your dogs r seriouly perverted, but they r soo adorable <3 :)
omg i luv shanna did i spell that right idk but I LOVE YOU SHANE YOU ARE DUH BEST!!!!!
you look awesome in a blue wig shane blue is ur color!!!! and i've always wanted to go to canada!!! no FARE! LOVE YOU!!
im subscribed to shanna show her this comment
shout out for raven and natasha? you owe us. we got grounded for watching your videos ._.
My favorite place to go so far is Japan. I moved there and worked for my friend for a while, so I stayed in Yokohama (just south of Tokyo) and then lived in Tsu, which is east of Osaka. I actually left a day before the earthquake and tsunami happened.
"Let's say I want to get rid of ... I dont know, all the Jews"
thats not cool shane, you crossed the line!
funny its funny but that Anti-Semitic as hall!
im watching your videos for almost 3 years!
and that really was Disgusting......
im really sad :(
I didn't think you're racist shit...:/
AMG, Shauna needs to become a lesbian. It needs to happen. 
Okay. I will reply to your post in order to get a shoutout. Lol. Love ya, shane <3
commenting about not knowing what to comment... Commentception
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