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FAT SHANE DAWSON!!! (Hang With Shane : Day 107)
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Love u ur so funny :) u make my day every time I see ur videos :D
Love ya shane xD u make me have to wear a diaper everyday xD
Shane you a so awesome i love all your videos the make me laugh until i pee.
Lol even w everything that went on you got ur food XD
sure, benjamin bur u hv to pay afta
SHANE you are not fat! :) even if you eat shit loads of food.
Hey i love your videos they always make me laugh!!!! :]
u were never were fluffy in a really cute way (-: i luv u
<------ Oooohhh look im next to the guitar guy
When will you and Fred (Lucas C.) make a video together?
umm ive seen some of your videos but i guess from what ive seen its pretty good:1
Shane. Was. FATT!!! hard to believe with how skinny he is now >.<
then im not weird if i eat the cream cheese.
shane is awesome to me this wasnt boring >.<
your never boring i use to wake up at 3am and wach you videos!!!
Shane you are amazin!! love you and your videos... :D
i have to agree with sami irwin
that was a good no great no epic vid as always
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