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anyone awake?....just me?........ok
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What time is it there? Almost Noon here so yea awake :)
jajaja yo estoy despierta desde las 5:00 de la mañana
in Christchurch nz its 10:24pm haha
Lol, this was posted 10:49 in the afternoon here in England :)
I am working time to rest or sleep.
I is still awake getting ready for Ghetto Advice with Shana and Shananay
I'm in Germany, i'm awake, because it's 2:31pm :))
I'm awake , I live in Nebraska . Its 7:43 A.M : )
Haha I'm awake just to let you know :) 
no ur awake just to share that >> :)
Im awake watching home alone!!<3
Ok, I'm not a kid but I still love u and ur videos. I think ur awesome and love watching ur videos with my 11yr old daughter, who loves u too. Thank u for sharing ur family, friends and ur life with all of us. 
Ava R
Shane your s awesome I'm such a huge fan of yours
aw, missed you by one day. I was awake all Thursday night. Insomnia sucks so bad!
On Thursday night I was up all night in my hotel room in DC I couldn't sleep
Right now for me it's 2:35 am and yes i am still awake for some reason........ i DO need help
sucks because of time xones in canada videos and stuff are usualy up late
hi shane im a big fan. and im 10.ur so awesome u make me and my friend laugh so hard we get in trouble on the bus.
I love you shane ^.^ Please suscribe on youtube to me iRageVlogs iRV
i luv u shane i wanna kiss ur face
can u join a hang out with me plz plz
I stay up until 4:00 a.m. on fridays and saterdays XD
aww man i was up all night that night lol. i wish i was on here then. i was up lol
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