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**COMMENT** this post and you might get a shoutout from me in tomorrow's video!!! :)
BALD BIEBER!!! (Hang With Shane : Day 106)
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U make my day all the time :) love ya <3
Hahaha I luv Ur vids :):):):):):):)
Girls are like Pokemon, you can't get them if you don't have the balls.
haha lets see how many fans Justin will have when hes bald..... maybe 5 hahahah:) me and my bff love your videos!!!
can i get a shout out pls my birth day is gonna be toomorow :)
hahaha the cover pic of the video is HALAIREOUS (idk if i spelt that right lol ) ;) u rock shane dawson...PUT IN  A SHOUT OUT JUST FOR ME !!!
yell is another word for shout. 
shane dawson is the best entertainer/ actor of all TIME
Shane is like the king of youtube :) A: he and his co-stars are HI-LARIUS , and B : his dog miley :D IS CUTE
u r SOOOO smart because only smart people say that and im not tryna hate on u its just that his co stars are not really co stars they all have their on channels and shauna is hetting a new one
If money doesn't grow on trees, then why do banks have branches?
well they have diffirent meanings and funny joke lol
i loe this vid i watched it 2day and you made my day i have been in bedunable to walk and yeah thank you for chearing me up
I think everyone would say that to shane dawson
Comment GIVE ME SHOUT OUT. K thx bye <3
Lol jks, but shout out please? :3
I dont think u r lying if u give shane a compliment
Omg if only he ws acctually bald. . . . Sigghhhhh
I like justin bieber but it is still funny LMFAO
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