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Good afternoon everyone. First off, well done on your Presentations last week. It was great to see everyone's progress so far. As promised, we're making the recordings of those presentations available via link below. Basically a spreadsheet with student names and their corresponding recordings. Hopefully these will be useful to you all and should give a sense for the different projects going on this semester also.

Marks for Milestone 2 should be out to you all shortly if not already - check the grade centre in Blackboard for those.

Recording links:

Good morning all,

Hope you are keeping well. Your next major milestone on the E-learning Project takes the form of a presentation tomorrow. Thank you for booking in your slots online.

We are proposing to make student presentation recordings available to all of the class following the sessions tomorrow. We have found that viewing peer's project prototypes at this stage has a lot of value in terms of peer learning. If any student has objection to making their Presentation Recording available to the rest of the group, please contact me directly.

Looking forward to seeing you all virtually tomorrow,

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Hi all. Hope you are all keeping well. No doubt you are busy on your projects and theses. I'm just posting the Doodle Poll ahead of your second Project deliverable here. Please fill this in by Monday 30th at the latest. Presentations take place on Thursday 2nd August.

Darragh will follow up with some tips regarding your Prototype and presentation shortly so watch out for those.

Any questions otherwise, please feel free to contact us.

All the best,
Brian, Darragh and Shane

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Good morning all. Today's schedule of presentations can be seen below. There are two main blocks - one in the morning to lunch and the other in the evening. Please do try to attend a number of presentations today.
See you online at

Good afternoon all,

Ahead of Monday's presentations, some important information has been sent to your student email address. Study this carefully ahead of your assigned presentation slot.

Looking forward to seeing you online on Monday,
Shane, Brian and Darrgah

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Hello everyone,

A doodle poll has been released for Project Milestone 1. Details have gone to you by email but you can also access it here:

Good afternoon all,

Apologies for the late response re feedback on Semester 1. I have been out this last week. Feedback on your Authoring Assessments will be available under Assessment 2 (Deliverables 2-3) by Friday this week.

Also, look out for announcements re your Project this week including your First Milestone and some useful tips on thinking about your project at this stage.

All the best,

Good morning all. As promised, we will be running two workshops for E-learning Project next week. Dates/times as follows. All sessions will be recorded. There will be a q&a afterwards

Tuesday 19th at 8:15am
Wednesday 20th at 14:00

The brief for Project can be found on Blackboard. Best Regards, Brian, Darragh and Shane

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Hello everyone. A reminder that the induction session for semester 2 will take place this evening at 6pm

The URL for the session will be -- any issue joining the meeting with your existing credentials please just chose the option to Enter as a Guest.
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Adobe Connect Login

Hello all. The recording from this evening can be viewed at - I don't have access to Blackboard this evening but will post up tomorrow. Any questions, feel free to throw them my way.
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