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Ice Cream Diffuses All Vile Situations.
I made this for a cool artshow and print exchange for and at @deadmatterpress this Halloween in Portland USA!
I also have an edition of 9 artists proofs available here:

This is 5x7 and is a missing-link lino cut block print, hand carved and printed by me.

The come signed and numbered in sweet and sexy pencil with custom envelope including the handwritten title of the print "Ice Cream Diffuses All Vile Situations". #linocut #pdxart #pdx #art #shanebugbee #occultartworkofshanebugbee #occult #baphomet
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it was a good day.

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more here:

Soda pop!?!

Producing a new soda that will hit the PNW streets spring of 2018.

As you may or may not know, I had produced a soda pop that turned into a soda company over a decade ago.

The company lasted two years, then the internet hit this small town, they found I was a pal of Anton LaVey with evil art leanings, death threats and a shunning came and we were run out of town in the middle of the night.

I am not joking… We were run out of a town IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT for being artists and aggresive atheists.

It wasn’t fun.

The soda was fun, it was also one of the most awful things I’d ever done… It was selling possible disease when I sold food coloring and sugar… And when I’d tell folks it was bad for them, they’d laugh and buy more.

I am not joking… I’d sell more soda when I told folks soda wasn’t good for them.

Recently I ran into a few really great artists… pure and beautiful human beings.

The soda was a topic of conversation and that conversation grew into an idea and then a plan.

We’d make a sodapop that tells people the harmful side effects of sugar and food coloring.

As voxx romana, one of the artist who signed on to do a label suggested for a company Moto – “Soda is bad but this shit tastes great.”

The company is called SUGAR WATER SODA and the labels will have artwork from the most amazing artists from the Portland area.

If this perfectly con-cocted soda takes off and sells well, all funds will go to the arts community of Portland… we will donate profits to lower income areas and broke ass artists.

I do hope you’ll join us for this ride.

Participating label artists include…

SKAM (driving force and head of cooperations)

Sincanvas (fine artist and friend of the devil)

Kitska ( patron saint of sweet)

Satan’s Spawn (perfectionist)

VOXX ROMANA (cultural guide on the jam side)

INDECLINE ( masters of no masters/extreme don’t fuck with focus)

And Me, Shane Bugbee (bleeding heart predator, Lucifer in disguise and between your thighs.)

huge vector and design help thank-you as always to my pal and co-lab man – the tim smith for the below as above label you see here.

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21 years… “our marriage is old enough to drink” says amy - funny we’ve never drank so little.

we’ve generously shared most of our life together, on-line and in books, so it’s hard to come up with a memory I feel hasn’t been told and told again and honestly I’m sick of my past and the stories from it.

I’m not sure how amy has done it. sticking around and putting up with me I’m sure it isn’t easy, I find it close to impossible myself and I’m me!

what I can state is my love and respect for amy knows no bounds.

if I believed in hope I’d hope to always know and grow with amy, remembering our times, good and bad, forever and a day.

if I believed in wishes I’d wish for 24hrs a day access… we once had that, we once shared every day together working, living, loving and struggling together side by side… yea, I’d wish for that again if a wish could be wish’d and granted without grovel.

when we met, amy wouldn’t eat a piece of fish unless it was a fried shrimp… as our marriage grew, the meal we would make when we had company was “stacked enchiladas”. today I’ll make amy dinner for her return from work, and it won’t be fried and it won’t be a stacked enchilada, though I entertained a meal of nostalgia… today I’ll pick up a fresh caught fish from our local fish monger and a steak from the butcher… and flowers, of course flowers… I’ve always loved picking out the flowers for our days and life… I did the flower arrangements for our wedding reception after all.

yep, today, 21 years ago, we were married in south carolina where the first shot of the bloodiest conflict in US history happened and the civil war was started… the gazebo at white point gardens looked out at fort sumter.

Youthful talk of revolution filled our honeymoon and drive back to the land of lincoln.

if I could add a wish and hope to my non-want-of-having-to-wish and lack of hope it would be that the working class doesn’t have to work so hard, that the working class gets more time in love and with family (blood kin or made up along the way)… that we the people aren’t asked to trade 5 days for 2 in a miserable attempt at what I do not know… I miss my days working, living and loving with amy… and I almost feel guilt most have never experienced life as we knew it.

don’t get me wrong, I’m a person of extreme optimism, I think that’s different from hope… but I want more for me, for us and for you.

amy taught me how to love… I’m glad she did… I’m lucky.
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SLOWLY WE GRO - SLOWER WE ROT... THE LUST & THE WILL! This is a piece I made as a visual representation of me... The hoodie was once owned by my blood brother, who was homeless when he left this behind, he was in and out of shelters and on the street... I needed to use this to refocus me on what's important for me, Justice and humanity... I plan to follow this post with some photos and further explain the symbols and what they mean to me. I just had to share this video as I'm not sure photos bring this to life.

This is my biggest chainstitch project and was 89% free hand... It was a piece I did to study the art of chainstitch and I'm stoked to start my next project.

#chainstitch #art #outsidetheoutside #outsiderart #underground #snakes # brain #heart # wilted #flowers #wiltedflower #occultartworkofshanebugbee #shanebugbee #occult #rot #gro #slowlywerot #thewill #thelust #lust #will

It's not a speech issue.

It's an ethics issue.
An education issue.
A health care issue.

Tooth decay remains.

The free speech issue
an issue of listening

What do you hear
And what do you think you understand.

Class issues remain.

And the juggalo talks
And the professor thinks he understands.

The professor demands
And the juggalo gets it...
In the can
Again and again and again.

And ruling class
Speak the same words
Using different languages.
Speak different words
Using the same language.



The speech divide is
The class divide in 3-D stereo...
In stereo.

It's easy to under-stand
When you stand-over
And demand.

When will you listen?
When will you feel?

To think.
Mind crime.

Greed kills.
Speech evolves.

Don't be greedy.
Don't be a dick.

Speaking your mind
Is the Apex of your predator.
The tree your Apex predator...

Carve that shit in stone, yo.

Greed kills, words do not.

What is free speech to you? Please define what it is to express yourself. #FreeSpeech #freethought #freethinkers #truthseeker

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NEW PODCAST/BLOG: Life after hate? With thanks to @cpicciolini

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The Google gave me a gift of a great memory... 4 years ago I added our book and film ( ) to for all to read, view and use... . #GooglePhotos

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What is art podcast…

The question that can't easily be answered without questioning the answers… over and over and over again.

A silly and serious question simple and not easily answered.

The idea for this series of podcasts grew with the anxiety I feel, in the air, due to the politics of today, 2017.

There seems to be a lot at stake and even more threatened… the artworld is where I reside...

This is my attempt at bringing artists together to talk about their efforts, intent and responsibilities in a world gone mad.
It's also fun and inspiring to talk creation in a moment of destruction.

I started doing podcasts 15 years ago… way back when the internet was new and underground and full of geeks.

I've always felt podcasts were an import way to communicate.
This set of podcasts are a bit raw as far as the audio levels… I like the noise of creation in some of them… in a rare moment of self, I would love your feedback.

I'm hoping the next series will be all street art… my favorite art… the only art I can seem to find that offers a story I get or want to get... art that makes me feel alive again.

I do hope you enjoy these podcasts and videos… I hope they start a conversation in your world about the importance of art, the serious nature of art… and what you can do with art to shape the world around you.

thes recordings feature: shane bugbee, rick shapiro, sean arron bowers, jesse reno, alex j murd, skam, sincanvas, kista, yyyy’s, dr. phyllis yes

find all of the podcasts and videos here:
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