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Hello Google+ community! I'm +Shana Gitnick, an engineer on the Google+ Photos team, with a great new feature to tell you about.

Google+ has long been the place to share and interact with video -- Whether it's using Hangouts with your friends or watching YouTube videos. Today we’re making video a bit more fun by letting you record and share videos of yourself using your webcam. To get started, click the video icon in the share box and choose Record Video. Once you've authorized Flash to access your camera, you can start recording. And once you're done, the video appears as an attachment to your post -- ready to share with your circles.

Thanks, and happy recording! As always, keep the feedback coming!
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Please send feedback requesting an additional audio only option for limited bandwidth conditions and language tutoring applications.
I don't recall reading that it was already available...just a new feature announcement.
Woot! Keep up the awesome work guys! :D

Google FTW!
Shana... I loved the Idea but I haven't got yet on my +...Fred
Great, does this also apply to hangouts, or is it just a step in that direction?
Nice development that could fuel video blogging on Google Plus? Will give it a try one its been enabled on my profile. NIce work.
This is awesome only thing I could ask is to add an audio only option and port both video and audio to the mobile app
[Well calendar would be one major heck of an event though so G+ could bridge the gap I have heard various times now about people that stay on FB because they prefer only the local side of social networking and so planning events is a very important part to them]
Thanks Google team you're awesome
Agh a reply to comment option would be awesome
+Christoph Schnellbächer This happens if you use Picasa on a PC it stores each day as a different album that's just default so its not a Samsung problem. Have you experience a problem where Instant Upload fails to work or looks like it works but when you try to share an image using phone it will replace it with another?
This is insanely cool. You can post impromptu messages to your circles right from your desk top, or circulate to a wider public audience and know that the link/message will also be posted to your Twitter feed. Perfect!
Where are the recorded videos stored? I know when I've uploaded videos to Picasa before they play in a YouTube-esque frame but they don't have a YouTube link/source, implying they can't be shown on YouTube?
This sounds like a lot of fun I will use this to record me making photos of the sunrise 
I am not seeing this option. Do I need to reboot my browser? Is this restricted to US users only?
Oooh another cool feature that I'll completely forget about and never end up using. I'm such a dinosaur. Still though, nice work Google.
Is it a limited rollout? The option isn't available here in Australia
Like so many others, I'd love to know when this is expected to roll out. Any idea on the timeline?
It doesn't recognize my chromebook webcam (samsung series 5 stable channel)? Anybody with the same issue?
(the funny part is that G+ Hangouts does recognize the webcam)

Nice feature though!
Hi Shana. Nice to see you ended up at Google! :)
Nice! I see it listed. Curious to know where the video gets stored too.
Thanks everyone for your comments. :) If you don't see this feature, please refresh your G+ page. It is now available for everyone.

+Claire Walters +Dave O'Keeffe Your webcam video is stored in your Photos from Posts album, just like a regular photo or video upload.

Thanks again!
This will help those who are not as technically inclined do some of the things they want. Good addition.
I tried it out, and it is awesome. Thank you +Shana Gitnick +Vincent Mo +Vic Gundotra +Bradley Horowitz +Chee Chew and all the rest of you brilliant folks at Google who had anything to do with this.
A couple of things that would make it even better: I'd love to be able to choose the poster frame, since I inevitably have my eyes closed in the poster. And any chance you could integrate Share Screen? I'm chomping at the bit to share on-screen Photoshop tips.
+Shana Gitnick Just like this one and screen share in hangouts the most awaited one is screen record and share directly just like this. There are many instances where we need to record our screen session and share it in G+.
Stuff like this is why G+ wins! Great work!
irish d
it doesnt recognize my chromebook's webcam. i have the samsung series 5.
irish d
+Dominic Bohne +Benjamin Trinité it can work only if you disable a shockwave flash plugin in under the hood/content settings/plugins/disable indiv. plugins

and then disable:


if you do this however, there are side effects. i can't remember what it was but it was the reason i enabled it again. (i once had a chrome extension that suggested this workaround).
doesn't work on my Ubuntu system (flashplugin-installer
Works on my ubuntu just fine ... dload the latest flash plugins and use chrome (which I am sure you are already)
Now if you could find somebody in the office who'll code a zoom option into the g+ photo viewer...

Keep up the good work!
Ken Liu
Are there plans to bring this feature to the android app? Would be a great feature
+Shana Gitnick - This is wonderful. Sure would be great if it was also that easy to record hangouts.
Will you add this new feature on comments too? ( video-comments )
+Shana Gitnick This is a great feature, but one thing I noticed is that the videos added this way doesn't play in the stream (like youtube videos can do) but takes you to the lightbox.
I think that making them play in-stream with the possibility to go full-screen would be a nice improvement.
+Shana Gitnick "Once you've authorized Flash to access your camera"
Does that mean we need Flash to enable this feature? yuck - why not go for HTML5?
OK, not every browser supports it, but you could give Chrome a boost if you enable full functionality of the <device>-tag in HTML5 within Chrome - just saying...
+Gregor S. They just yesterday added native audio-video to chrome dev, u must be patient :)
Webcam Video direkt in einen Google+ Beitrag einfügen. Interessanter Ansatz.
Great addition to Google+, and something I personally suggested many months ago. Whether that had a difference or not I'll never know, but glad you developed it :)

Anyhow, just wanted to give you a little feedback:

I'm using a Samsung Series 5 Chromebook, and have noticed the video is very choppy. This doesn't seem to be the case with Hangouts so I wondered if you are using a different video capturing technique. I know this particular Chromebook model isn't that great with handling video, so maybe its just a hardware issue as the video preview is a lot larger than that of hangouts

Any how, maybe you can have the team can look in to this. A great start though.

cc: +Melissa Daniels
Fantastic, looking forward to making use of it on my business page. Is there anyway that a background scenery can be added to the videos? Something with a bit of appeal, an office feel, or an outdoor scenery - anything's better than the bear walls and bad lighting in my home/office.
Some unrelated feedback, but I was wondering if there was anyone to alter who your "scrapbook" photo album is viewable to, seems mine is public and I have no way to change it.
Aidas V
Now waiting for screen capture/web cam selection feature. Thanks!
Is there a way to filter out all posts with videos, to prevent the expected flood of poor webcam videos in my stream? :/
+Bill Rawlinson Doesn't it work with the Flashplayer available for OS X?
I'd also prefer an HTML5-solution, but this should be a workaround
So, why exactly do I need Flash to use this? Pretty much everything else Google offers works without it.
Will we eventually be able to do this from the G+ app on Android?
+Shana Gitnick this new feature does not work in stable channel of Chromebook. Yes, there is a workaround to disable Pepper Flash in Plugins page. But do you expect K through 12th graders to do that?
+Shana Gitnick have you guys tested this with HD webcams? It gets the aspect ratio wrong for mine, which is a shame, because the quality is much better than the built-in cam.
When will be able to shoot video (like with hangouts) from our android tablets on G+. I haven't found a way to do this yet. Thanks :D
Any idea why my voice doesn't sync with the video. I had the same trouble broadcasting to YouTube. I'm using a Mac OS X 10.6.8
Hi Shana: Wonderful idea. We do social media (radio and television) for a federal agency and I would like to both record and stream video via Google+ and incorporate more people into our productions. Is there a full post of instructions as to how to do this? Best, Len.
Shana, thank you so much for the new feature...I loved...Fred
Why is +Shana Gitnick write a "big news? :-
Both me, both +Jacopo Monti find several videos we talked about over a month ago
(because we knew how to record the video conference or meeting you want to say)
For this reason, I do not understand the effect * new * but fit myself and diffuse.
Erik, this is not the place to ask about Flash problem. If you are having trouble with Chrome browser, ask in the Chrome Help Forum. If you are asking about Chromebook, ask in Chromebook Central.
Hey Paul - It's still on. We just don't show it for certain browsers, or if you don't have Flash installed.
+Jon Emerson Can you share any information related to why the "Record Video" option has disappeared for CR48s/Chromebooks?
We need Hangouts recording & playback/share later.
Also I'd like to ask +Shana Gitnick about sharing photos on G+... I think the best way is to share single pictures with tagged people and not the whole album. I can have an album with my summer holidays and wanna share pictures with friends but not all! Creating two albums "summer holidays" and "summer holidays private" it's not a confortable solution... why should I share all my pics with all the friends/people I met during my holidays? Makes not sense... this is the only thing I feel unconfortable with picasa right now... thus I don't use it at all.
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