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google voice calling, sms and voicemail—now available in hangouts

earlier today we announced free voice calls from hangouts, making it easy and affordable to keep in touch with loved ones ( but that’s not all :) our update also includes some improvements for our passionate (and patient) google voice users:

1. calling. when you call someone from hangouts, it’ll now come from your google voice number. and when someone calls you, you can answer from hangouts too.

2. sms. you can now send and receive your google voice sms messages from the hangouts app.

3. voicemail. google voice voicemails can now appear in hangouts as part of your ongoing conversations. either read the transcriptions, or play them inline!

these features will be activated a few days after we complete today’s rollout. so grab the new version of hangouts when it’s available (v2.3,, and install the accompanying dialer to turn on voice calls ( ios only supports google voice calling for now, but sms and voicemail support are coming soon.

hangouts remains the future of google voice (, so we’re going to keep bringing the most-loved google voice features into the core hangouts experience. (don’t worry: your google voice number won't change.) in the meantime make a free call on us, and enjoy today’s updates!

#googleplusupdate   #hangouts  
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Shana Gitnick

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Sharing Google Drive photos with your Google+ circles

#googleplusupdate #googleplusphotos #googledrive

Today, +Sundar Pichai introduced Google Drive ( -- a place where you can create, share, collaborate and keep all of your stuff. In parallel, we’re also rolling out a way to share your Google Drive photos with your circles.

To give it a try, first activate your Google Drive (at and add some photos. Next:

- Click in the Google+ sharebox to create a new post
- Click the camera icon, then select From Google Drive
- Choose photos from either My Drive or Shared with me (see screenshots)

Once you’ve selected your favorite shots, just pick the circles you want to share with, and you’re done! Enjoy, and please keep the feedback coming!
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Great work!
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Shana Gitnick

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#googleplusupdate #googlephotos

Hello Google+ community! I'm +Shana Gitnick, an engineer on the Google+ Photos team, with a great new feature to tell you about.

Google+ has long been the place to share and interact with video -- Whether it's using Hangouts with your friends or watching YouTube videos. Today we’re making video a bit more fun by letting you record and share videos of yourself using your webcam. To get started, click the video icon in the share box and choose Record Video. Once you've authorized Flash to access your camera, you can start recording. And once you're done, the video appears as an attachment to your post -- ready to share with your circles.

Thanks, and happy recording! As always, keep the feedback coming!
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We need Hangouts recording & playback/share later.
Also I'd like to ask +Shana Gitnick about sharing photos on G+... I think the best way is to share single pictures with tagged people and not the whole album. I can have an album with my summer holidays and wanna share pictures with friends but not all! Creating two albums "summer holidays" and "summer holidays private" it's not a confortable solution... why should I share all my pics with all the friends/people I met during my holidays? Makes not sense... this is the only thing I feel unconfortable with picasa right now... thus I don't use it at all.
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Shana Gitnick

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hangout face to face to face in HD

connect with friends and family in high res with hd hangouts! we are rolling hd out to hangouts on air initially, then to all desktop hangout video calls over the next few weeks.

hd hangouts require an hd-capable webcam, more bandwidth and more processing power than standard definition. so if your computer and network are capable, turn the quality up to hd!

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Shana Gitnick

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Introducing the Hangouts Capture app: snap & save moments as they happen

Google+ Hangouts bring people together, and when they do, all sorts of awesome can unfold. Maybe it's reading a bedtime story to your grandkids across the country. Maybe it's taking a cooking class from your kitchen. Or maybe it's answering questions from your constituents. We hear lots of great stories (

The challenge, oftentimes, is capturing your favorite moments as they happen, so today we're introducing the new Hangouts Capture app. With it you can take pictures of your Hangouts-in-progress, including a number of features not available in the usual screenshot workarounds:

- Once you’ve opened the Hangouts Capture app, you can snap photos of your Hangout view with a single click
- All photos are saved to a shared album, visible only to other Hangout invitees
- You can view these photos while inside the Hangout, when browsing your photo albums, or by visiting the original Hangout post
- And, importantly, you’ll always know when the app is in use: when you join a Hangout, when someone opens the app, and whenever a picture is taken

The Hangouts Capture app will soon be available worldwide, so look for it the next time you join a Hangout. Together with Effects, YouTube and other apps, we hope you’ll find Hangouts an even better way to make memories together.

#googleplusupdate #capture
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Shana Gitnick

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New Feature: Let Your Webcam Do The Talking
#blogger #photos #webcam

Hey Bloggers... just rolled out a fun new feature we think you'll love. You can now add images to your posts using your webcam. To add photos from your webcam, choose "Insert Image", select "from your webcam" and take a few snapshots. We'll keep the last three, and you can pick the best one to keep in your post.

Click, click, boom.
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Great! But why can't I do that from the G+ sharing box? +Louis Gray +Shana Gitnick
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Shana Gitnick

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Denise Ho originally shared:

Hello everyone, I’m Denise Ho, Google+ Photos Product Manager.

This week we launched two new photos features!

1) You can now take your profile photo with your web camera.

2) You also have the option to send your circles a personal message whenever you change your profile photo.

The web camera is a convenient option if you want to take a quick snapshot or just show off your new silly hat :)

To get started, go to your profile page, click Edit profile and select change photo. On the left, select Web camera (Flash required). Pose with a big smile and snap away until you see the perfect shot.

Once you’re done, you also have the option to send your circles a personal message in the share box to spread the excitement around your new profile photo.

Thanks to +Shana Gitnick, +Jon Emerson, +Karen Liu, +Matthew Levine for implementing these features!
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