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Self-healing with Suzana
Activate your inner healing power and heal your body and life
Activate your inner healing power and heal your body and life


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Our external life situations are always reflection of our inner state. So, take an opportunity and heal your life challenging situations such as: illness, disease, toxic believes, abuse, nightmares, anxiety, fears, dissolve your suffering in partnership/relationship (at work, school, home), heal sexual blockage, restrictions, abundance issue, become free of stress, negative thoughts or any limitations, discover your purpose, find your self…


Anita’s Moorjani story is great example of how the body can heal itself through full expansion of our consciousness. Despite healing of her body in such a short time, in specific circumstances, we as well can experience the same powerful healing within our bodies.
What we all have in common is our consciousness. Which awakens healing when we connect to it every single day. That consciousness comes from one source. The same one. And it is divided only with physical bodies. From the surface level we are seemingly separated from each other. Yes, on a physical form we are, with our bodies. But from the deepness, we feel deeply connected by the strain of consciousness. Also named Being.
So Anita Moorjani experienced expansion of her Being in the realm of collective consciousness. But that realm does not exists only in the other dimension. It also lies within you. That realm is accessible to you now, in this moment by connecting to your inner Being which creates awakening and healing.
Watch in video below how the body can actually heal itself. And how the same healing is possible for you too >>

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It is powerful, HEALING, life changing, conscious, effective, strong, gentle, present, deep...and GOLDEN TOOL... for awakening of your inner healing power and DISSOLVING of wounds, blockades, pains and suffering in general. It hugely helps you with CRUMBLING everything that is not your true essence. Dive within and transform/heal yourself, your life with the help of this powerful meditation. Suzana Trnovšek

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What I have noticed is that right approach to this meditation brings even more enormous and STRONGER HEALING. And mistakes are part of evolving through our healing. So I want to expose them and help you with MY PERSONAL TIPS >
* Start your journey towards balanced & healthy life with Deep healing meditation >

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PRACTICE "Expanding your consciousness during the day"
Here is my practice for you:
- Make yourself comfortable. You can sit or lie down;
- Take 2-3 deep breaths in and out;
- Now, focus your full attention on your right palm and hold attention there for 10-15 min;
- Feedback of expanding consciousness is when you start to feel the inner vibration or slight tingling sensation on your right palm or any other part of the body. You can help yourself with this guidance called "Calming your thoughts" which helps you with that. I lead you step by step to your inner vibration and expansion. Find it here >>
-If you do not feel any vibration or sensation, continue to practice, use meditation daily and gradually sensation will arise;
Important: Practice 2-3 times a day, from 10 to 15 minutes;
*This practice teaches you how to connect to yourself and simultaneously align with the powerful present moment where healing takes its place.
I wish you a gentle self-healing process,
RECEIVE MORE of Suzana’s personal PRACTICAL STEPS AND TIPS with our e-mail campaigns by subscribing on newsletter. Take an opportunity here >>

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Freedom to Animals in zoo >>

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Healing power lies within you. Learning it how to activate it and how to approach to our own challenges connected to our health issues is the most important. I have learned that through my own health issues. And once you approach to it in a powerful inner right way, you do not need to be afraid of anything anymore. Your health issue can be any kind of disease / illness.
- cancers,
- tumors;
- skin disorders, diseases;
- mental health problems such as fear, excessive negative thinking, believing your own thoughts, panic attacks, anxiety etc…
- feminine health issues: menstrual cramps, infertility, ovaries issues…
- diseases which are already spread through the whole body ... Read more >>

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This guidance consists steps that teach you how to talk with an abuser. Follow steps described in video and practice them once you experience interaction with an abuser. This is an open opportunity to immerse into a healing from abuse.
The healing power lies in you 💖

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