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Google+ Mockup for Posts

How many of you use the Hang out link on posts to start your hangout?
Or, do you simply use the Start a Hangout from the main stream?

How many of you think, you need to have an option to save posts to read later or for reference?

How many of you need to use Google Translate in order to see a post that you are interested to read?

SHARE, SHARE, SHARE..... if you want the +Google+ team to Give these features to its users.

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I like the read later idea, and the translate one.
yes to... you need to have an option to save posts to read later or for reference
I also think that the hangout link isn't necessary, but do we really need a bookmark link? If there is a post that I want to bookmark I just share it with my Read Later circle which of course is an empty circle.
+Dániel Marlen That is also fine. But, having a bookmark button will make it easy to use with One-Click.
Also, when you share it with ur empty circle, it is considered as a Share for the original publisher. [It has no harm, by the way :-) ]
Anyway, it's just an IDEA.
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