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" J " to read NEXT post on the Stream
" K " to read PREVIOUS post on the Stream
" R " to Enter a COMMENT
" TAB + ENTER " to Publish the COMMENT
" SPACE " to SCROLL-DOWN the Stream (Any Page)
" SHIFT + SPACE " to SCROLL-UP the Stream (Any Page)
" N " to read NEXT COMMENT on a Post
" P " to read PREVIOUS COMMENT on a Post
" / " to start a Google+ SEARCH
" ? " to view Keyboard SHORTCUTS
" ⇦ " (Left Arrow) to SELECT PAGES on the Left Ribbon.
" ⇨ " (Right Arrow) to SCROLL/READ the Stream again.
On the Google Bar Notifications, use the Left & Right Arrows to read Notifications

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might need to print this so I don't lose the post LOL
wow, this is really useful, I'm amazed they even exist
thanks Shamil Weerakoon it was very useful
I want a Shortcut to "+1"
1. There is no shortcut to the notification box; One has to click;
2. There is shortcut back to the main page from notification box. One can press Escape but has to do another click to be able to use keyboard shortcuts.

how I miss Twitter...
typing l will reload the front page on the new one :D
This is out of date... "L" will load new posts for the new design.
Y falta la L para que se actualice
No key to +1 the post you are currently on? While I use J & K to navigate, I have to head for the mouse to +1 a post :(
I shared this post so it will always be on my profile. Works for me.
Is there a shortcut for the share button. On a laptop due to the smaller screen when i want to share a picture and if i have multiple names in the distribution list, the box becomes so tall that i lose the share button at the bottom. Thanks for your help
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