How to write a Successful Google+ Post
This is the approach I follow myself

✓ Make the first line of your post, the Title
Make it Bold.

✓ Brief description, or subheading on the second line.

✓ If your post contains numbering, Bold the number. If not, bold the whole text of the first line of the numbered list.

✓ If your post contains links;
Shorten using to reduce lengthy posts
(P.S. shortened links when clicked using the Mobile app, is a 2-step procedure for G+ permalinks)
Select a suitable Snippet image if your attaching a link.

✓ Use an image which describes your post.

✓ People tend NOT to click on External links as and when they see it.
Therefore, I usually attach an image withing the external page, and provide the link in the body of the post.
✓ Use hashtags at the end of your post.
Use them with relevance.
Use a hashtag of your own if you like

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