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Enthusiast for Web design, Social Media & Internet Marketing

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Jetwing Colombo Seven is the first city hotel to be built by Jetwing in the cosmopolitan city of Colombo, and stands overlooking the metropolis.
The views from the rooftop restaurant and bar are truly spectacular; they offer a bird’s eye view of the heart of Colombo. Centrally located, Jetwing Colombo Seven is in close proximity to all key shopping and business areas.
Home to serviced apartments, studio apartments and deluxe rooms, its minimalist décor ensures a contemporary design is ever present in the hotel’s architecture and ambience. Additionally, the spa, gym, rooftop infinity pool and restaurant would be ideal to relax and rejuvenate, and offers a lovely time of respite, both to the business and leisure traveller.

Opening on 27th January, 2017

#Jetwing #JetwingHotels #SriLanka #Colombo #JetwingColomboSeven #OpeningSoon #HelloColombo7

For inquires;
Call +94 11 4 709400

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The Jetwing family is expanding across Sri Lanka and in December 2016 Jetwing Lake in Dambulla will follow overlooking a masterpiece inspired by an ancient civilization.

Effortlessly blending contemporary stylish design with its surrounding environment, Jetwing Lake caters to all travelers wanting to discover the Cultural Triangle of Sri Lanka.

The property features 90 rooms and 4 suites overlooking a beautiful man-made lake. The resort’s two restaurants offer a wide variety of gastronomical delicacies to choose from; the main restaurant offers both Sri Lankan and globally inspired cuisine and the dedicated Chinese restaurant caters to an Oriental taste palette.

Come discover the ancient cultural heritage and rich bio-diversity of Dambulla with Jetwing Lake, an experience of a lifetime.
#JetwingHotels #JetwingLake #Srilanka #Dambulla

For more information visit
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Sri Lanka's homegrown hotel brand Jetwing is expanding, opening a number of tony hotels across the country. A winner at the recent World Luxury Hotel Awards, the family-owned company of more than four decades' experience has a trademark of traditional Sri Lankan hospitality, distinctive design and elegant comfort alongside responsible practice across its 24 resorts.

Colombo Seven will be its first city-style hotel and its first property in the capital. With tourist arrivals reaching new highs in Sri Lanka and government keen to encourage foreign visitation (levies on the hotel and travel industries have just been reduced), Jetwing's timing couldn't be more perfect.

The hotel's Ward Place location is great for the main shopping and landmark areas and, when open in August, the 70-room and 28-apartment hotel will offer guests a spectacular rooftop pool with wonderful views.

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Loris at Jetwing Vil Uyana
#srilanka #lka #jetwing #sltourism #loris
Loris hotspot in Sri Lanka!

In 2010, four years after the opening of Jetwing Vil Uyana, Chaminda Jayasekara- Resident Naturalist made an amazing discovery. Following an unfamiliar calling, Chaminda discovered a grey slender loris colony within the property premises.
The loris, with its large bulging eyes and tiny limbs, is a nocturnal primate found mainly in parts of India and Sri Lanka. Its habitats are currently under threat from deforestation and human activities.
With specific instructions from the management not to disturb the loris habitat, Chaminda made efforts to monitor and record the primates' behaviour. Currently, the resort’s nature trail is home to thirteen resident lorises.

In 2012, the Loris Conservation Site was setup to educate resort guests, school children and others on the importance of loris conservation.
Jetwing Vil Uyana's Loris Conservation Project celebrates 6 years this year!

Follow our Google Plus timeline special as we celebrate 10 fabulous years of excellence at Jetwing Vil Uyana!

Stay with us and enjoy a special 30% discount during the month of October. Click on the following link for more information and reservations:
#10yearsofJWVU #JetwingHotels #JetwingVilUyana #SriLanka #Sigiriya #FindYourSpace

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Christmas decoration at City Square Mall, Singapore.
#singapore #ShamilWeerakoon #photography #Nikon

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How to Meaningfully Use Twitter Analytics, the New Facebook Insights, and Pinterest Analytics

Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest have built-in analytics. What metrics within those analytics can be helpful and valuable for tracking, analyzing, and further developing your social media marketing efforts. 

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How To LinkedIn
Learn the InTechnique. Find your InStyle.

I. Build Your Identity
What is my profile? >
How do I edit my profile? >
Who can see my profile and what will they see? >
What is a LinkedIn public profile? >
How do I add or change my photo? >
How do I add or change my profile's background photo? >
How do I show or change media samples on my profile? >
How do I create a profile in another language or delete one I've created? >
How do I manage the skills on my profile? >

Who's Viewed Your Profile
Overview >

What's the difference between the Basic (free) and Premium versions of Who's Viewed My Profile? >
What analytics are available through the Who's Viewed My Profile feature? >
What kind of information will I see about who's viewing my profile? >
What actions can I take on viewers in the Who's Viewed My Profile section? >
What's the How You Rank feature? >

Skill Endorsements and Recommendations
What's the difference between a skill endorsement and a recommendation? >
How do recommendations work? >
How do I request a recommendation? >
How do I recommend someone? >
What are skill endorsements and what are their benefits? >
How do I endorse someone's skills? >

Ranking in Search Results – People Search
How can I improve my profile's ranking in search results?
How are profiles ordered in search results? >
What things should I avoid when optimizing my profile for search? >

II. Get Started
Use LinkedIn - the Basics
How do I get started with LinkedIn? >
How do I sign up so I can create a profile on LinkedIn? >
What is LinkedIn and how can it help me? >
How do I sign in or sign out of my account? >
How do I find other LinkedIn members I may know? >

Account Access and Settings >
How do I sign in or sign out of my account? >
What are some best practices I can follow to protect my account security and privacy? >
What do I do if I forgot my password? >
Where do I change my account information and settings? >
How do I close my account? >
How do I update the email addresses for my account? >

Search on LinkedIn
How do I search for people, companies, or jobs? >
How do I narrow down my search results to find people I'm looking for? >
How do I search for a job on LinkedIn? >
How do I find a Company Page? >
How do I find a University Page? >

Emails from LinkedIn >
How do I add, stop, or change the frequency of email notifications? >
What should I do if I'm not receiving emails from LinkedIn? >
What can I do if I’ve received a phishing email pretending to be from LinkedIn? >

Supported Languages
What languages does LinkedIn support? >
How do I select the language in which I view LinkedIn? >
How do I create a profile in another language or delete one I've created? >

III. Get Professional Insights
What can I do on my LinkedIn homepage? >
How do I manage the types of updates that appear on my homepage? >
How do I hide or unhide updates from my connections that appear on my homepage? >
How do I access Pulse on >

Company Page
What is a Company Page? >
How do I find a company's Company Page? >
How can viewing Company Pages help me? >
What is the Company Follow button? >
What makes up a Company Page? >
How do employees show up on a Company Page? >

Original Pulse Mobile App
What are some frequently asked questions for the LinkedIn Pulse mobile app? >
How do I get started with the Pulse app? >
How do I add, delete, or rename a Channel on the Pulse app? >
How do I find new content on the Pulse app? >
How do I get my content featured in the Pulse App? >

Content from the LinkedIn Network >
What is LinkedIn Influencer? >
How do I search for content available on LinkedIn? >
How do I follow and unfollow other members' long-form posts? >
Can I share the posts that I see with other members or non-members? >
How do I control what posts I see? >
How can I give feedback on the member posts that I see? >

IV. Share Your Ideas and Expertise
Long-Form Posts on LinkedIn
What is publishing long-form posts on LinkedIn? >
What are some tips for creating great content on the publishing platform? >
How do I start publishing long-form posts on LinkedIn? >
How do I edit something I've already written or that's in draft mode? >
How do I see all the long-form posts I've written? >
How do I see details about who’s following me? >
How are my long-form posts distributed? >

Share Ideas, Questions, Articles, and Links
How do I share an idea, question, article, or website with others? >
How can I notify a connection when I share an update to start a conversation? >
Who sees my shared updates? >
How do I comment on an update? >
What happens when I click the share link under someone's update? >
How do I "like" or "unlike" an update? >

V. Keep in Touch with Your Network
Communicate with LinkedIn Members
What methods are available for communicating with other LinkedIn members? >
How do I send messages to connections or contacts? >
What's the difference between an InMail and an introduction? >
How is following someone different than connecting with them? >
How do I find a connection's profile? >
Who can contact me on LinkedIn and how? >
How do I prevent LinkedIn members from sending me messages? >
How do I get to my LinkedIn messaging page? >

What is an introduction? >
How do I request an introduction to someone I'm not currently connected to? >
Can I withdraw an introduction request I sent? >

How do InMail messages work? >
How do I send an InMail? >
What advice do you have for writing a good InMail? >
When do InMail credits expire or renew? >
What happened to the InMail Feedback Score? >

LinkedIn Contacts
What is LinkedIn Contacts? >
What is a contact? >
How do I sort or filter my contacts? >
How do I view contact information for my Connections? >
If I upload my contacts, what happens to that information? >
How do I see a list of my new contacts and connections? >
How do I remove a contact from my Contacts list? >

Connected Mobile App
What are some frequently asked questions about the Connected mobile app? >
How do I search for contacts, find settings and more? >
How do I sync my contacts? >

VI. Grow Your Network
What are connections? >
How do I build my professional network? >
What does "your network" and "out of network" mean? >
How do I connect with people on LinkedIn? >
How do I remove the connection between myself and another LinkedIn member? >

Find People You Know on LinkedIn
How do I find other LinkedIn members I may know? >
How does the "People You May Know" feature work? >
How do I search for someone on LinkedIn? >
How do I search the connections of my connections? >

How do invitations work? >
Is there a maximum number of invitations I can send and can I get more? >
How do I invite someone using their individual email address? >
How do I cancel an invitation to connect? >
Why do I have to enter an email address when I send an invitation? >
How do I accept, ignore, or report an invitation to connect as spam? >
How do I control who can invite me to connect? >

VII. Find Career Opportunities
Job Search on LinkedIn
How can LinkedIn help me find and land the right job? >
How do I keep my job search a secret? >
How do I search for a job on LinkedIn? >
How do I keep track of jobs I found in LinkedIn Jobs or a job search? >
How do I start or stop getting email alerts about jobs? >
What is "Jobs You May Be Interested In"? >

Apply for a Job on LinkedIn
How do I apply for a job on LinkedIn? >
What information is included with my job application? >
What will others see if I've applied for a job on LinkedIn? >
How do I include a resume with my job application? >
Who sees my resume when I apply for a job? >
How do I know if my application has been viewed by the job poster? >
How do I keep track of jobs I've applied for on LinkedIn? >

Job Seeker Premium Account
Overview >
What does it mean to be a Featured Applicant? >
How can I use LinkedIn to find a job? >
How do I search for a job by salary level? >
Where does the salary information in advanced job search results come from? >
Why doesn't my job posting show in advanced search results based on salary level? >

VIII. Learning About Premium Accounts
How do I manage my Premium account? >
What are some frequently asked questions for Premium accounts? >
How do I cancel my current Premium account? >
What are the different types of LinkedIn accounts? >
Will my card be automatically charged when my Premium account renews after I sign up for a free trial? >
How do I try Premium for free? >
How do I purchase a Premium account with my iPhone? >
Unrecognized Charges from LinkedIn >

IX. More
What types of discussions and content are acceptable on LinkedIn? >
What Internet browsers can I use that are supported by LinkedIn? >
What do I do if I have a duplicate account? >
How does an application use my data? >
How do I add, stop, or change the frequency of email notifications? >

X. Support & Help
Help Center >
LinkedIn Free Webinars & Training Videos >
Get Input from the LinkedIn Community >
Help Forum >
Safety Center >

#LinkedIn #CloserThanYouthink

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Really helpful and descriptive video on HTTPS.
A must watch if you wanna learn more about HTTPS and web security. She also explained some best practices that can help you build a solid server configuration.
And Finally meet the new chrome security features side by side too.

Enough talking, take a look at the video and feel blown away. 😊

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