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Shalu Sharma

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Shalu Sharma

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Here are Hindi words, phrases and sentences for those travelling to India with audio.
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Shalu Sharma

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+Shalu Sharma gm Welcome you
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Shalu Sharma from Bihar
I am Shalu Sharma a blogger and writer from Bihar. I write about travels in India on my site

I am also the creator or YouBihar. The aims of YouBihar are clear; to get the people of Bihar together irrespective of caste, religious beliefs or political views. Our aims are simple and that is to get the people of Bihar and anyone for that matter to talk about issues facing Bihar. Some of these issues are definitely political in the sense that it has been politically neglected. Years of misrule has completely destroyed this great state that is Bihar. But at the same time we cannot blame the politicians as it is us that have put them in power election after election.

On the other hand, many of us Biharis would prefer to live outside Bihar as there are hardly any opportunities at least in job prospects. Bihar despite being hard working and armed with education we still prefer to pack our bags and leave for greener pastures.

Can Bihar be changed?
Can Bihar become a great place to live without fear with jobs and security? I urge the great people of Bihar to join us and discuss the things that plague our motherland Bihar. Yes we can change Bihar.

Voice your concerns about Bihar.
Please join my effort to bring the people of Bihar Together. Join YouBihar.
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Greeting Hindi words and phrases for those travelling to India

Here are Hindi words, phrases and sentences for those travelling to India with audio.

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Hindi help words and phrases with audio for travels to India...

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Burning dead bodies at the city of Varanasi

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Shalu Sharma : Basics of Hinduism by Gauri Maheshwari

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The Purana Qila is a must go for those visiting Delhi. Its one of the oldest surviving fort in Delhi hence called the Purana Qila in Hindi. (Old Fort). It is thought that it was built on the site of Ancient city of Indraprastha of the Mahabharata. Excavations at the site has revealed that indeed there was ruins of an ancient town. Those interested in history, historical monuments or those with a historical inclination must see this amazing piece of architecture. Currently, the site makes a good getaway from city and makes a nice walk. There is a interesting show in the evening that explains the history of Delhi from the ancient times to the present day. The Purana Qila should be an unmissable part of any travels to Delhi and India.
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