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Beautiful Performance on Laung Laachi by Mannat Noor 😍

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The Top Community Leaders might not know that diesel smoke is cancerous.Last week I had suggested one leader to open their apartment complex's roof top to residents so that children can avoid the diesel smoke in the parking areas as they play around there.

I had also said to make it safe with safety barriers and rules like children below a certain age can only come with elders in their homes.

Nearby the parking areas are also the large diesel generators which run for power backup when there are power cuts.

Today morning I received some motivational WhatsApp message from that community leader.

Today evening I saw that leader and spoke to him and he hadn't done anything yet about opening the roof top. I can understand that he could be busy with other things. When I told him that the 2nd largest hospital chain of India was bought by an international company then he didn't know that.

I asked him why and he said because they can manage it well and then I said perhaps they know that the market is huge ahead with many people rotting. Then the leader said that he will propose in next meeting for opening the roof top.

Do you wonder how it would be if the people shared about the milk quality including which the women produce for babies after living in severely harmful air for years and also having harmful food for years?

Do you wonder where the top Indians are growing and enjoying around our world?

It's great to be human, I wish us best!


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By DJ Neel Ak Shi ❤️
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The Chatter House ✅
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Chandigarh 😍 Dance 💃🕺 Fitness 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️❤️

Jask K Shan - Dance Dacha - Chandigarh 💎

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A NIFT graduate messaged me:

We are doomed
Pollution is out of control

My reply:

a friend is going to NZ (she's also a NIFT graduate)

did you read this article

She received a Gold Medal in a Masters in Science program from the highly reputed Delhi University and which means she paid very less compared to a private university since the government would have paid for most of it. Then she went for a PhD to Germany and most likely the university there would have paid for her education. Recently she started working as a Postdoctoral Researcher at the world class University of Berkeley in USA.

how top Indians and other highly capable Indians are growing and enjoying!

Someone messaged me this:

Future is not what WE planned for tomorrow... Actually, It's the result of what WE do today... Lets do the best in present... WE will definitely enjoy the future...! Do your best today for better future...



My reply:

Yes I wish the children can enjoy also by getting away from rotting air. Diesel smoke is cancerous according to WHO. Big diesel generators run for power backup. Children play nearby them. Also the severe pollution from traffic and other chemicals. I wish good day to children to avoid rotting soon!

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How do you protect children from severely high pollution? Yesterday night I walked on the main road and had to stand for a while as the traffic passed by and later my throat was stuffed with pollution. My lungs would have been also and also my brain and other body parts. Children go to school daily in such air. How do the Top Indians and other highly capable Indians grow their children around our world?

Yesterday a friend shared that she's going to New Zealand. Some days ago, I met a person who looked quite fit at a restaurant and he said that he's from New Zealand. He was of Indian origin and spoke English with an Indian accent and so perhaps he went to New Zealand after being born in India. How great he feels being from New Zealand that this is how he introduced himself?

How many Indians feel great moving outside India? It is not even that some great construction has led to such severe pollution and which people tried to minimize greatly however some of it still is on the road. It is more like elder pigs rotting baby pigs when thinking of how the world seems to keep its roads so clean and which I saw in a song which T-Series shared as the fastest Indian song to reach 100 Million views in just 23 days

My throat feels bad today and which means lungs also. Do you wonder what quality milk was in your tea or coffee today? How many Indians like to buy international chocolates like Lindt because of milk quality? What about the milk quality which women will produce after suffering in severe pollution and perhaps also low food quality for years? Is this also why Indians like to go outside India to have high quality milk for their children from when they're born? What do you think?

Another sad part is that even to go to a good big park to try and get some better quality air requires to walk through severe pollution unless one can spend on transport to not have to walk to it.

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Delhi: Going Home? Stop !! 😎

Go Latin with iDANCE INDIA !! 😍

TONIGHT 9:15 pm to 12:30 pm
Cafe Turquoise Cottage -TC , Green Park
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iDANCE INDIA is coming soon on Dance With Me India 💎
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