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Nokia back to 1998 valuation (16 Billion with 7.5 Billion in cash). The biggest mistake? No Eco-system. Same as RIM.

"The company’s net cash and other liquid assets stood at 4.9 billion euros at the end of the first quarter. Nokia is reviewing a number of options including selling non-core assets, Elop said on a conference call today."
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This was obviously coming. Picking WP7 over androidOS as a way to get people more interested in their hardware has to be one of the dumbest moves they have ever made. From what I recall the new management does not get how much closer Nokia was to the FOSS world technolgy-wise. as Maemo developers were "replaced" by WP7 devs, the corporate culture died. Basically, they moved themselves much closer to the end. What they need to do now is get out of the agreement with MS and focus on andriodOS so they can get some acceptance again. They can push WP7 later if it survives.
Microsoft invested 1billion in Nokia to have Nokia kill Symbian and use windows in its phones.
+Shaker Cherukuri sounds like a bit of a bail out to me LOL. Maybe some quid-pro-quo... No matter how you slice it, it was a bad, idea. Nokia makes some pretty good hardware but they haven't had a strong standing in the US since Palm was on top of the smart phone market.

This deal is so incredible bad because it was struck in 2011... after 2010 where androidOS phones jump 800%. They could have given Samsung, LG and HTC a run for the money had they made the switch to androidOS instead of a mobile OS that no one is really thinking about. Microsoft is back under 4% in the lastest ComScore report. Google is at 50.1%. No one with half a brain did NOT see this coming a year ago.
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