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I Hate Bullying.... "Please, No abuse"

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I dont understand why people would bully?
i get bullyrd all the time i am sick because of my friends
I have 2 beautiful granddaughters in high school, and I fear for them everyday!
Bullies are cowards that shrink when stood up to
The bullies will not care, even if they did read this.
This should be printed out & stapled, glued, nailed & handed out around town..Everywhere....
Some people bully because they are getting bullied some where else
Thats true. Thats why posting this everywhere is an eye opener for ALL....
Good for you standing up saying it! !
I've seen this all over the place and it makes me sad everytime I read it
I'm ALWAYS against ragginga nd bullying
My late son was a victim of bullying in 7th grade, physically attacked by a group of little thugs, and my heart bleeds to see this.
so true! I hate it when people are like that.  
what are the odds of something like this happening. 
This behavior starts at a small age.Like we all know children are like sponges what they see & hear is what they do.
really awsome but i dont know how to repost! I want to so bad though
I had no idea this post was on my home page until I finished writing my post! God is at work for sure!!
Bullies don't care about nobody but themselfs. I am so glade that there are prople out there that are standing up to them.
I think that everyone should stop bullying others if you are
just push the button with the arrow on it next to the + 1 button.
Brb in 10 mins. Just trying to get the rest of the tears go away. ;_;
Amen it is sad when people do this!!
On Jan 25, 2013 10:41 AM, "Cathy Bie" <****@**> wrote:

> Amen!
Great, but we don't need a smart ass when this is serious.
If  some one has an heart please?..... never do  such thing.
Gurl i am totlayy wit yhu on that one... i believe that we all need to STOP the bullying becuase yhu never know who or what the person may be goin' through!!!! <3 
Remember old Indian saying ... "walk a mile in my mocasins. "
+RC deWinter Im sorry that your son is among the names of  the bullied and so much more for your loss. I pray God touches and heals your pain and the pain of the bullied, and will change the hearts of those who bully. 
Yeah........ Stop bullying just think before u say something bad to a person
And bullies go through some of the same shit at home. Some make fun of kids for the way they look. Guess what? The bully looks just as bad. You want to make fun of kids shitting their pants Steve, then you are the one full of shit.
Amen dude girls are soooo rude and there all skinny I mean common I'm FAT ok!!!!!
check out Gizelle Studevant, a senior at Penn St. plays basketball  Her book about bulling is coming out soon. ESPN just did an interview. remarkable young women 
+Steve Hetland Don't be such a jerk face.  Have you ever been bullied before?!  Bullying is never okay, and it definitely isn't something to joke about!
No matter what we say or do< bullying will never ever stop! and due to technology< bullying has increased it's reach!
Bully's are scared of what people thinkif them and I thing there all load of idiots
I had put this on here awhile back & I put it on FcBk & twitter... I hardly got response. Just re sharing.
That's so true and sad i used to get bullied off of boys they call me hurtful name so i am against bullied it is wrong to bully
Sorry its here to stay /its called 1 upmanship -- ive got something over u --and im going to us it--u never pick on somebody stronger its all ways weaker-never appear a victim -it will be spotted 
+rayne wilburn People just want to hate on people who are different and who arent clones of everyone else. People need to stop the hate!! Being bullied is the worst feeling in the world. I was bullied and I asked myself everyday, "What's wrong with me? Why do they bully me like this?" The truth is, nothing is wrong with you people just don't know how to accept people who are different and they all choose to hate everything they don't understand or that's different. 
I hate bullying I used to get bullied i d love to stop it
+Steve Hetland yeah lemme hear you say that when someone starts bullying you! its not always so easy to ignore. take it from someone who's had a fair share of bullying.
Shut the fuck up Steve. You are the weakest link I dont even know why you try to act tough and cool. your just pathetic
i think everyone should stop being mean to eachother and get along the world would be soo much better if everyone was nice to eachother...
Dear Shailja:  Perhaps this is the biggest problem we have, in our misunderstanding of the humanness of the world.  Why do we have bullies? This is what everyone must try to understand... looking inside of their own communities, families, hearts and finding a way to change it.  It will not be easy... but it can be done.  How many innocent people have been found guilty and visa versa?  Do those found guilty have opportunity to correct and be understood, without putting those trying to do the understanding in jeopardy with an open heart to be manipulated.... the quest for power each person's challenge, when standing up to address life.  Very large subjects, important to our success and evolution.  Thanks for your stand.  Reviewing History, will help!
Ironic that this is supposed to be anti bullying but the post itself is trying to bully people into reposting it by saying if they don't then they don't have a heart.  That's not the right spirit.  It is obviously someone just trying to use the anti-bullying cause to boost their amount of +1's and shares.
stop being mean to him even know i dont know him.
guys ashleigh DONT SWEAR and i hate bullying 
people are messed upin the head ifyoubully your dumb and ii woudnt wanna be your friend
I think some people just dont know what its like to be bullied. It's not that theyre a bad person, they just see things differently because they havent been bullied... they think its not a big deal because it hasnt happened to them... its not their fault... 
thanks ahsleigh its good when everyone is just calm not saying you are not coz you are calm :-)
steave< i hope nothing bad happends to you< cuz really bad sh*t happens to good people.. the rest of the people one here< i respect all your opions< many of you, im sure come from a personal place from this topic, but arguing isnt going to solve anything. THanks for getting my back the rest of you all :) tottles!
Wow makes you wish every kid would know how speaicl they are and one day that/ kid (s)who made their life a living Hell because they were "fill in the blank" or could not "fill in the blank", or the boy/girl who would not look twice at them. One day they will not even remember what they looked like and they will have a wonderful life. I wonder what their antagonist lives are like?
This is the greatest pointofview today . I respect it very much . I wish pepol how bulling others to put them selves in there shoes
years ago in year 2 at school a boy called thomas called me a fat and ugly coward
whoever said that to kaylee is a real mean bullie
ive been called a slut and a whore and fat by people who dont even know me by face just from people saying mean things about me... 
The worst (and probably saddest) part of this is that most bullies are simply repeating what has been done to them.  The cycle of abuse (and bullying) is a self-perpetuating system.  That's not to say that a bully should be excused for bullying, but that punishment will teach nothing if it is not given with both compassion and re-education.
Steve Hetland, you can't exactly talk right now, cause I don't think that you've been bullied before so why don't you go and find out how it it feels before posting these comments. 
You Are Speakibng The Truth Only You Know Who You Are...
Whom ever you are, this is what I fight for!!!!!  :)
people really need to stop bullying because we really dont kno them
No one nose wot goin on behide closed doors
So true but it's in our nature but it still doesn't make it right I'm one of those kids against bullying stop the abuse.:'(
I dont know how many times ive seen this happen, everytime it breaks my heart. You don't know peoples stories, dont say mean, hurtful things. It makes me mad.
it seems to me you just bullied this person by your comment, when she was trying to be a help.
Calyx J
This is so true and I hate bullying
I was bullied in elementary school by a girl. yes, but i did something to her that i should never had done. But she left me alone from then on. I never ever bullied someone else because if it hurt me i know it will hurt someone else. I also HATE bullies.
Agree.. i endeavor to do random acts of kind ness.. and it is much more fun when thay have no clue who did it!! 
"That boy who is bullying you.  He gets bullied at home."
I love this and agree with it. I still get bullied and i am 36
That girl who called you a slut.  She gets molested by her stepfather every night.
Alas, it will never end, someone out there will always think that they are some how better than others and feel a need to point out their superiority.
Stop bullying or what goes around comes around you are weak if you bully treat people like you would like to be treated 
It's awesome until you read the part that says "Re-share if you're agenst bullying. I bet 99% of you won"t, but repost this if you're that 1% with a heart"
That's dumb. I would have shared it if it didn't say that. It makes it sound like you're the devil himself if you don't repost one little thing about bullying.
Sal PN
I +1 but please delete the last sentence and re post.
+Kaylee Mitchell If you can, you may want to take baby steps in being less uncomfortable.  If you have panic attacks, you might needs some anti-anxiety meds to get over that hurdle.  I try to just do breathing exercises and not run away when I feel like the world is trying to destroy me.  It slowly gets better.  I used to not being able to call friends unless I called at the exact minute I said I was going to for fear that I would bother them and that they would suddenly realize that they hated me.  It was irrational but it filled me with such I can call people whenever with just a wee bit of anxiety about it.
bullying is a very bad attitude.jst can't say wy pple do it bt it is always frm hatred nd av 2 be sure of wat they say abt others.
bullying is a very bad attitude.jst can't say wy pple do it bt it is always frm hatred nd av 2 be sure of wat they say abt others.
this would be perfect if it wasnt for the last sentence
+Kaley Patton I'm with you! I refuse to re-share, like or whatever when I feel I am being bullied into it, and on a post about bullying? Nope."'Like' or you hate kids" drives me nuts.
Words can be forgotten but the scars they leave last forever.
Sorry to hear that Kaylee Mitchell, I used to feel the same way growing up but some how forced myself to get out there but that was a long time ago and I know it's only gotten worst.
No problem reposting this, it's great. I know a few people who should be forced to read it daily.
bullying is a very bad attitude.jst can't say wy pple do it bt it is always frm hatred nd av 2 be sure of wat they say abt others.
Amen to all of never ever know someone unless u have walked in their SHOES,,,DONT JUDGE.
There is a solution! It starts with the victims of abuse, not the bullies. Empower the victims! There are so many ways to do that, you can actually go overboard, it's so easy; as the Third Reich taught us. We are currently using same tactics, in reverse, today. Kids are extremely vulnerable to social messages. Their critical centers aren't their own yet?

I don't no my be some thing els happen in her life. She is trying to figer out
dont bully people if u don't want the same treatment
Bullying seems to be the norm in America. NRA bullies anti-guns, Corp. Mgt. bullies employees, students bullies others, Republicans bullies the liberals, Foz News bullies Americans. What elese is new???
Isn't this a form of passive-aggressive bullying? First telling me I did all these horrible things then saying I don't have a heart if I don't repost this.
I am against bullying... and reposting.
This has a great message, but these sorts of things need to lose that last sentence about "99% of you won't post...". Every one of these things adds that at the end, and it's dumb. it's meant to make people feel guilty if they don't forward it. If you forward something just to avoid guilt, it loses its meaning.
i got bullied for 6 years until I got home schooled best thing in my life
i am against bullying because i almost comitted suicide in the 5th grade. i needed counseling and serious help. i know how hurtful bullying can be.
Subby F
Very tru, Stop bullying! 
i had rumors spread about me all throught out middle school
that sucks did u know there are pedophiles on google +
this is so true.... i shall REEEEPPPOOOOOOOSSSSSSTTTT!!!!!! :D spread the love!
Steve hetland just quit everyone disagrees with u so just take a chill pill
very,very,true im against bullying too
Generation after generation after generation...

What does this say about humans?
i saw this in a story, it's very affective
I am for love which will inspire everyone to understand others!
Jay R
It all starts with the Parents.. If Parents took the time to actually be parents instead of buying 18+ rated video games for their kids under 18, or letting the television become a babysitter, it would at least help our youth today. 
Sadly parents have kids and pass them off for the teachers, coaches, and others to raise. But the MOMENT their kid gets in trouble, or causes serious harm to someone else the parents defend, or act like their brat kid wouldn't do horrible things.

As Charles Barkley said a long time ago.. " Parents should be role models for their kids- Not athletes"
Due to pervert nature of society today.
That is too true... All bullies are insecure thats why they take pleasure from another's pain... Let's hope we can effect a change 
SOOO tru some people just dont think other people have emotions and things goin on in life so next time when u bully someone think about how it would be if u were in there situation
that message was for people who bully
You can get by but you cant get away. You will get yours in the end!
I hope bullying will stop soon the pain needs to stop and everyone needs to leave eachother alone and stop hating
HOW mAnY tImEs DO.!?s ( GOD ) have t01 ( DO JUST THE saME 2 tHeM . cRy Me A rIvEr.
some people keep pushing and pushing!!! so for all of the people that are being bullying learn how to push back and stand up for your self
hate it......................
I really freaking hate when things like this end with "I bet 99% of you won't..." That automatically makes me NOT repost. A guilt trip to make me repost something is a form of bullying to.
Its hard to when everyone is against you
Kids that pick on other kids don't take the time to get to know them the ones that are doing the picking They thank they are bad but they are really nothing at all. I don't like or care for anybody that puts down kids or anyone else God made all of us and I thank him we are not all the same treat others the way you would want to be treated.
Bullies are cowards because they always target those who they perceive as weaker than themselves
This was definitely written by someone who has never been bullied and only knows about bullying from after school TV specials.
wow i will repost that is so meaningfull
I wasnt being a smart ass i was agreeing its bad! !
Did you write this strong work. Keep it going 
+amber ashford  There is no reason to be sick of it dear, Be confident in yourself, I know what it means to be bullied but believe me if you stood for yourself and never care about what they do or say you'll be a winner
that was a smack in the face to all of the bullies out their
A lot of kids have no idea just how damaging their words or actions can really be! 
this is so unhumane
i hate bullying
Sorry I read it wrong that is mest up
I don't know why people bully each other anyway, such cruelty
Li Tsar
+Michael Brokate Good job on your victim blaming.  Glad to know you have no empathy and cannot put yourself in another person's shoes.  Some people have chemical imbalances that make them anxious or give them clinical depression and makes it almost impossible to do what you're describing.  You obviously have no idea how the world works and no idea what it is like to be someone other than yourself.
Ever thought that a bully may have suffered abuse?

It doesn't make it OK, but I've been bullied before. I also know people who would have considered me a bully. I hold No grudges and would happily apologize to anyone holding a grudge against me.

Growing up in such a messed up world is hard. dealing with bullies, abusive parents, shit teachers and siblings is also hard.

My point is that you can't expect young people to be considerate to other young people. Some are, but most are too wrapped up in their own problems.

Bullys are really p@#$$* and I'll prove it , if you send them my way!
I think you're so right about society Shailuja I agree with you 100 percent On that 1 percent with the heart
Yes, it's difficult not to hurt others when you have been hurt . . .in order to break the circle, it takes effort.  Work towards kindness.
I think Bullies do it for POWER
the  bully is the coward tell someone
Yea...when someone called me fat, I didn't eat lunch or dinner, only breakfast, and my  breakfast was a cereal bar, but now that I realized I was getting to skinny, I stopped.  Don't call a girl fat, just don't. 
+Li Tsar Please no one cares about spelling on the internet.  And those that nit pick at others about it normally don't have a whole lot of common sense.

 Your the one telling someone to go kill themselves just because you dislike something they said.  Sounds like bullying to me.  

Try being polite.  You might get somebody to like you.
yh me too i think bullies do it for power when they have no power!!!
Well it doesn't matter how old they are its the stuff they say to upset you when i was in school this girl she would look at me then whisper something to her friend while she is still looking at me i was 10 she was 9 i told the teacher.She kept telling her off but she didn't stop but then my MUM came in and sorted EVERYTHING out!
Why can't we just all be nice to each other and be done with bullying forever!!
+Michael Brokate all I'm saying is that perception is not always fact, and there's usually a reason for some of the cruel things people do. Equally sometimes people are too sensitive or paranoid, especially when they're young.
There are all types of bullying. It is WRONG on any level!!
+rekonizakila milkshake They have no excuse.  Most of us have to go through the same things they do and many of ours are worse but we dont go hit somebody because of it.  
Omg when I read this it made me cry I love it 
I'm in support of this and would repost, but that last line basically baits people into reposting and irks me. It's like a political ad saying "If you don't vote for this, then you're against children. You're not against children, are you?" A call to action does not need to be a guilt trip. Let everyone think for themselves.
i say that if you someone getting bullied go up to them and stop them if they punch you do it back! i had anough of  my school bullies i put   a stop to them once and for but one got expelled not was going for
This is so sad. I can't believe people are actually like this. So sad! :'
if your a bully and your reading this lots of poeple commit sewerside every year coz of you it isnt clevet or funny  so SSSSSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The only way to get rid of bullies is to beat them up. Violence is always the answer, peace out! 
I like being grown up and diplomatic..I just wish I could wave a wand and get psychology taught in early school...but, I think we need to start with the parents first
For all you people that are like:
OMG this is so sad why does this happen 
Why are some people so mean....
Please STOP its really annoying

This is the real world. Its not kind its not forgiving it doesn't like you and its not going to go your way.  Yeah its sad but its reality.  Our job is to make the best of it.
Heard that!! She is right!!
Great post. Everyone should try a little understanding, these hurts take alot of healing. 
+Sa Ober Everything I said to you was spelled correctly.  Sorry you didn't do well in spelling.
My eyes are watering. Everyone needs to see this
Folly to think that bullying will eventually cease to exist.
I wonder how much of the bullying comes because of no or lack of a father figure or no father at all. I don't like them and feel that parents who don't rain in ther bullying child should be held responsible for harm they cause. 
so sad, and probably true. every action has an effect so just remember that what comes around goes around
Bullying has become part of the modern culture.... new in school, you'll be bullied, new at work, same thing! The worst part is so very few would are against it or would try to help out.
that is very powerful, we should all read and learn from this...
+Michael Brokate I didn't realize there was no grey area. Either you're a bully or you're not. I guess you've never done anything bad to anyone.

Purely judging by your pic, I'd say you're paid to kill Arabs at your governments request. yet at least you didn't call anyone fat.

Or is that a little too black and white?
i hate bullyin its one of the worst things dat could really appen to u
Worst thing about all this is most people who bully others either GOT bullied or ARE being bullied... Its a bad cycle ....
Why do people do this ? My daughter is being bullied by girls who were supposed to be her friends . Do these people not realise what there doing to other people . May be they do and get a real kick from it . For me I think they are nasty and mean but what do I know I'm just the person who has to pick up the pieces and convince my daughter shes not the problem but they are . 
Make a change in the world and stop the bullyinh
Great Idea Montoya, or handed out to each teacher to give the students after making them read along with it being read over the intercom by the pricipal.
me 2
some ppl r just so mean
This should make people think before they act! Thanks for sharing.
People, I laughed when I saw a bully get body-slammed! Am I bad. : ) 
I know what it's like to be bullied but I told and its stopped 
that's awfuller how can they do that  
+rekonizakila milkshake I personally am not to that point yet.  Still too young to enlist.  And we kill the ultimate bullies.  Terrorists.  If they're arabs we shoot if they're fellow americans we shoot.  A terrorist is a terrorist it doesn't matter what their race is.  

There's a difference between being a bully and doing wrong one in a while.  Bullying is a repeated action for personal gain or pleasure.  Doing wrong is also repeated but you dont hear of a kid killing himself because his sister lost her temper at him and said something unkind.  
people are so mean and the bulling had to stop
Yes, we should give people a chance before jugging them. It's sad but there are people facing such in life.
Katie A
i agree bullying shouldn't happen
Thats awesome...people r so quick to pass judgment about others!!! Lets all look at n worry about ourselves n be nice to others I know when I get a random compliment
It makes my day a lil brighter:)

u r one of the nicest people to post that on bulling
i know right thats crazy im sooo against it
Ihate voilence stop bullying now!!!!!! 
That makes me so sad!  I wish kids and adults would understand what they may be doing and causing by bullying.
I know what it's like to be made fun of. I was bullied when I was in high school. I told my teacher. They over looked it and so did my mom, But I graduated and moved on with my life. I feel bad for young people today, Especially what happen in Sandy Hook. These young people they went from bullying to killing. Young people have it rough. 
wow that really inspires me I was being bullied myself when I was at school and i know how it feels!!!!!!!!!!
i agre ewith the bullying I've had people be really mean but it is not very bad compared to bullying
wow thats sad i hate what the world is coming to! and thats exacly what is going on im every school right now!
I have been bully everyday by management where I work and at home by my husband and step son...bullying is the worst thing you can do to needs to stop..and it only makes you look like a spoil brat.....
"I'm against bullying! Repost this or you're a heartless husk of worthless human-flesh!"

Nope. Not ironic at all.
Please stop bulling thats why i got a stop bulling people

Wow that is a great thing to post especially with all of the people commiting suicide because of being bullied. Absoulutly great post there
Su Jean
+Lula Bella No, they should not.  It is exploitative, empty, and does not actually say anything of value.
hey i like your comment please email me at and by the way you look to sexy to be bulleyed
+rekonizakila milkshake Two types verbal and physical.  Repeated physical harm is bullying 
Repeated hurtful words is bullying
Both are unacceptable no matter what situation you are in
I worry and pray that my grandkids never go through being bullied no one and i mean no one needs this abuse!
Su Jean
+Jillia La Touche-Gaitan Posting on here will not stop bullying and neither will sharing this post.  It starts at home with better parenting.  And then it extends to community outreach.
well, i don't care what anyone else thinks. because emagine how u would feel if that was u in one of those positions???
I have been bullied for a long time. Sometimes I was afraid to speak up. But now that I'm older, I am stronger than those people that dont care about anything. 
its not just the parents faults either get your facts straight
How is reposting this going to help stop bullying?
Sigh stupid note to get you to build up reposts. I hate shit like this, keep this garbage off my google + what's hot feed please.
This is sad, but true. A bully is someone with low self esteem themselves who is scared to face their own situation. They feel good hurting others because their being hurt by someone.
No, it starts with everyone telling bullies to stop. Bullies are  only doing what is currently the societal norm. When it's socially unacceptable bullies won't be. Be as big as the problem, call them on it.
I don't get bullied but i hate bullies sometimes I'll pick on the person doing the bulling even if it's a group of bullies I'll bully the group.
We need everyone to stop posting dogshit on What's Hot, actually, and stop trying to just get fluffy reposts.
the  new boy in my school tried to bully me but i set him strat and now were friends
And boom epic end to a gay thread. Lol disabled my comments, post more dumb spam please.
angel b.
i totally agree with u shailja sharma 
I'm going to post a picture of my shit, please repost it.
99out of 100 want quick fun to release tension inside their mind so they bully others without a second thought. 
I've seen that on a lot of people's posts
im crying right now no not really but thats retarted
that is just so sad and i reposted it!
Bullying is very bad and those who do not understand this are idiots!!!and it IS true.
Think about what u say people it's so simple
Check out my video on bullying
I would never do that to someone!! I'm always the one getting picked on!! My grandma has memory loss and she barely knows who I am!! And I get picked on for that!! My aunt and uncle on my dads side were shot and killed a month ago!! My dog died from a heart attack last night and my so called friend laughed about it because she hated my dog even though he never did anything to her!! Are these really things people should pick on about!?!?!? I didn't think so.


I hate bullies and bullying im against no one should ever be made fun of dor who they are. Like omg i hate those bullies. All i say to this is just PLEASE STOP THIS VIOLENCE TODAY
#stopbullying   Everyone, if you know anyone who did and/or still does anything like that, repost these (or retweet this if you also own a Twitter account) words of advice to that (or those) people/person.
I'm with you but I dont know how to repost
How Do You Repost This Thing. I Really Want It On My Page.
This is for all the people who know someone who was or is bullied (also those who died because of it).
In this world we live in today, people don't take the time out of their lives just to make a difference to these kind of things. People set the goals of their selves for everyone else. This will sound stupid but here's an example of what I mean, in math I work very slow but the people I work with are a bit faster. They tell me to hurry up, work faster! But I can't do that I take my time. Bullies are like that they have a standard and if you don't measure up to it you are 'lower' then them. In life people will always have 'standards' but you will never need to measure up to them. But if you are one of those people who are at that bullies standards you have the power to stop this horrible thing! People lost their lives to suicide because of these monsters! Bullies will be bullies you can't change that. But you can change the victim amount. So stand up those who curl up in fear! Stand up those who bow to threats! Stand up if you see something wrong and hide it away! Stand up if you are someone who can change the world! We are the next generation of this world! We have the power to change the way people look at us on the streets! To change who we are viewed by! Those bullies will be the ones to join us one day and finally see the light! We can and will do this! If you agree that this next generation can change the world, +1 this so people can see we will make these bullies fall! Now who is with me!?

Stand up for who are and say no to bulling who's with me
I thank the people that are bullying have no life because that is all they do they thank they are better then everyone eals next time you get bullyed stand up for you self 
i hate bullying!!! i feel so bad i accidentally bullied a guy once and now i'm SO against bullying
why do people do bullying ??
what do they even get from that ???
Even in the saddest post,we are still billboards.
I don't understand why people bully how do hurting others make u feel good about yourself. Bullying and bully's are lame and that is how I feel.
This is so ture just 1 thing or 1 word can hurt some one so much THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK OR DO
I hate bullies they pushed too far and usually dirty
Am I that one percent, or that 75% that never gets tricked by theses things.
I also wonder how many people will see this in their notifications......
That's true and I hope other people will realize their wrong acts and fix them
a bully dos'nt relize what goes on at home the hurt that the people suffer outside of the place they are bullied