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I wrote a very simple app using Web UI and web components. The code is on github and you can read a pretty thorough explanation of things on my blog.  I'm starting out with Web UI and am liking what I see so far a lot. This is a first in a series of posts/tutorials that I am planning to write. The idea is to start with something simple and over the next few weeks, build a bigger app. And blog about it at every stage.  

In this first stage, I create and instantiate a simple-as-can-be web component, show how Web UI makes it trivial to bind DOM elements to Dart variable and loop through a collection in the template.

Please have a look if you are interested. If you don't know much about web components, this article would be a good first read. If you are already knowledgeable, please offer suggestions for improving things :).

Its time to finally create a simple hello world app using web components and the dart Web UI library. There is already a ton of literature out there …
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