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You should all be playing this game.
Please, Don’t Touch Anything is a cryptic, brain-racking puzzle game abou...
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This is a pretty good overview in Ars on Marshmallow.  While looking through it, I saw some things that could use more explanation so thought I'd share my comments.

Extended Voice Actions:

The discussion about how applications work with the new voice interaction service may be a little misleading.  As with Now on Tap, applications here don't directly interact with Google; rather they go through a platform API ( for those who care) which interacts with the back-end speech recognition service.  So I wouldn't describe this as developers plugging in to the Google App -- they are using the platform API, which has a back-end plugged in to it (by default via the Google App) that does the recognition.

This is very much how Now on Tap is integrated into the platform, as described in the previous section.  In fact, it isn't very much like, it is it!  Now on Tap and the new voice interaction are all part of the currently enabled VoiceInteractionService, which is what you are selecting when you select which assistant you want.  (This is also why voice actions can now use the context of what you are currently looking at to help with the recognition, because it is also the assistant so it that can do that.)

So, it wouldn't make sense for this to move to a Google Play Services API, because it is a very well-defined platform API.  This also isn't really the first time this pattern has appeared: it is basically how input methods work, where platform APIs arbitrate interaction between the application and the current back-end input method.  More closely, speech-to-text and the old simple speech recognizer are both pluggable components, which applications interact with through a (simple) platform API to whatever back-end implementation the user has selected.


On the topic of organization of "permissions," while I would agree there is some further cleanup that can happen in the UI, in many cases things are deliberately not simple runtime permissions.  For example, the new "Draw over apps" and "Modify system settings" controls actually correspond to existing permissions, which we explicitly didn't want to turn into simple runtime permissions.  We want to discourage apps from using them unless they have a really good reason, and they don't have anything to do directly with specific personal data access so are really hard to explain to users.

You'll note there is a warning dialog that appears when enabling an app's access to one of these, giving more information about what is happening.  This is also a pattern followed by other existing dangerous access controls like accessibility services and usage access.

Speaking of accessibility, if anything we'd like to see that made less easy for apps to get to.  This feature really is intended for accessibility services, and you should be skeptical about any other kind of app asking for access to it -- it gives that app almost complete control over your device and the ability to see everything you do on it!

Also fwiw, the new runtime permissions implementation makes use of app ops for applying permissions restrictions to pre-M applications.  You can basically see this as the long desired UI for app ops, and app ops' basic behavior remains the same where turning off access means the app simply sees no data (no location, zero contacts, etc).  We never create fake data.


Abuse of high priority messages have a special difference from other things like notifications: they must go through Google servers, so Google can monitor and modify what is being sent to devices.  If apps abuse these for other things besides their intended use, we will be able to stop that abuse without touching any software on the device.  (Also "abuse" here is much less subjective than for notifications, where there is a large gray area of things some users care about and some don't.  For high priority messages, if it isn't something that is time critical to go to the user immediately, it is not appropriate.)

Chrome Custom Tabs:

This isn't really tying an app to Chrome.  It is defining an extended API with the browser than an app can use to get the behavior.  The standard implementation used by apps should work with any browser as long as it supports the API, regardless of what the default browser is.  So Firefox and others should be able to implement the same API as Chrome and get the same behavior from the same apps.
Marshmallow brings a lot of user-requested features but still has no update solution.
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An infinity mirror display at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.
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A long story but totally worth your time.
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Thanks, I really enjoyed that one
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They bite.
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Should have phone in hand
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That class I took for making espresso drinks really paid off.
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This is how you test and get accurate metrics for touchscreen latency.
More technical information in case you're interested:
The Chrome OS team uses a cool robot built by the Finnish company OptoFidelity to measure end-to-end latency of Android and Chrome OS devices.

Video below captured by a high speed video camera shows you how drawing a line on a screen is actually drawn in segments that fade in slowly.
Touchbot source code is open-source and available for everyone at

You can even go to to play with all latency tests.
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Been waiting for this.
We have two features that will begin rolling out on Android today:

Helping users free up storage space on their Android device:
On the Settings screen, users will now see a “Free Up Space” button. Clicking on the button will prompt the user to bulk-delete copies of photos that have already been backed up from their device. To prevent device copies from being accidentally deleted, we’re asking users to double-confirm their intent during the ‘Free Up Space’ flow.

Users who are backing up their photos in High quality may now also receive an Assistant card prompting them to bulk delete device copies when they’re nearing the storage limit on their devices (currently only users who are backing up at Original quality receive these cards).

Deleting photos from SD-card enabled devices
We’re rolling out a fix that will allow users on certain SD-card enabled devices to delete photos stored on an SD card. This should prevent the issue of a photo continuing to show up in the Photos view despite being deleted, a frustrating experience for users.

We have one feature that will begin rolling out on the Web on Wednesday:

Downgrade previously uploaded photos from “Original quality” to “High quality”
When users choose to backup their photos and videos to Google Photos, we allow photos to be uploaded in two ways:
“Original quality” (large file, full resolution). These photos count against a user’s Google storage quota.
“High quality” (smaller file, compressed file). These photos don’t count against a user’s Google storage quota.

If a user joined Google Photos and selected the “Original quality’ setting for their photos, but changed their mind, they could have future media backed up in “High quality”. However, for media already backed up in “Original quality” before then, users were in an awkward state: they had no way to downgrade that media to “High quality”.

With this update, users will be able to downgrade previously backed up photos from “Original quality” to “High quality” by visiting from their computer and clicking ‘Recover Storage’.

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Moneys - I has them.
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Can you give me let say a bucket of green :)
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That's just how far the water has receded during the drought.
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Last week the FASTER cable, a new transpacific network link with a theoretical peak capacity of 60 Tbps (that's 60 million megabits), landed in Japan.  FASTER is a joint project between Google and several ISPs to provide, well, faster Internet speeds between the two regions.  The album (with pictures courtesy of give you a quick overview of how such a cable is installed.

PS: see how this was done in 1956 for TAT-1, the first modern transatlantic telephone cable (with capacity for 36 phone calls, or about 0.2 megabits):
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They need a faster cable, that site load is slow :)
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Best Sushi in town!
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Best fine dining option in the mall.
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Great vegetarian food with a view to the marina.
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Small gallery, some nice exhibits but still disappointing.
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100 reviews
Best grilled cheese in town, period.
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Best dinner I ever had.
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Surprisingly good!
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reviewed 3 months ago