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its kinda pathatic that the countries that shout the loudest for freedom of speech and expression ,,are baised the most against muslim women :( i wish things could change :( .
I have just one word. TOLERANCE!. everyone has the right to express themselves, and follow their beliefs.
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beliefs are good, but sometimes safety is more important. Ooops.. I think I started religious discussion with you))
hahaha naah i aint gonna get caught in the trap :P
I understand Muslim woman ive been so humiliated that i wanted to wear my whole body covered, i've been oppressed & had my clitoris removed, also if i'm not mistaken I think Muslims are smart enough to outlaw black magic, unless that's propaganda as well.
+margi wilkes You are right about black magic,but not right about the covering,, Muslim women don't cover themselves because they are humiliated or embarrassed about their bodies,they do it because of there desire to protect themselves from the eyes of men,,likewise all Muslim men have to lower their eyes when they see a woman.except off course their wives, sisters and mothers.
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