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Beautiful sight in the west just after sunset this evening... The crescent Moon with earthshine, accompanied by Venus and the bright star Aldebaran (and the Hyades open cluster)
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Last weekend, I stop by (well more like drove-to) to one of my fav local observatory. 

After had a quick catch-up coffee session with my old pal, we did a quick and dirty shoot on Saturn, at around midnight.

Still low in the horizon, we did manage to get a decent shot.

This is the first time using TGVDeNoise in PI, and was pleasantly impressed with the result.

I did received a comment regarding certain part on Saturn which appears to be 'over-exposed'. My eyes are not showing anything such.

Is there any way via PI that will show if I were to 'over-do' my processing, thus making it over-exposed'?
24" F= 4,876mm OGS 
300 frame stacked
Teluk Kemang Observatory, Malaysia
24" F= 4,876mm OGS 300 frame stacked Autostakkert PixInsight Teluk Kemang Observatory, Malaysia
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I think the brighter part of the equatorial band is overexposed, just need to go easier on the histogram stretch, then maybe use curves to bring out the detail if the darker parts are too dim.
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Total washout yesterday, the moon (as usual) re appear in all its glory AFTER the eclipse... :-D

Had a great time though, meeting up old friends and new faces
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Dpt tgk ker bro,pukul 8 awan tebal
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Seriously... for APOD? Might as well dress up my scope with a wig!
A different astronomy and space science related image is featured each day, along with a brief explanation.
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It's an AFD APOD of course. Just a bit of frivolity. 
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This is incredible! On my wish list.. eclipse from an airplane!
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Indeed. The Moon shadow sweeping across the land, is so unreal!
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Should I go for Celestron 9" Evolution as my planetary scope for outreach and imaging , and also for DSLR imaging (mounting it on my EQ6)

Never tried a SCT that size before. my old 8 inch lx90 was sold off some years back, and now it was just a distance memory.
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I had a 9.25" SCT and it was a great scope. Very easy to setup, and very nice views.
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Have him in circles
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My head is turning upside down here!
Total Solar Eclipse over Svalbard
Image Credit & Copyright: Thanakrit Santikunaporn

Going, going, gone. That was the feeling in Svalbard, Norway last month during a total eclipse of the Sun by the Moon. In the featured image, the eclipse was captured every three minutes and then digitally merged with a foreground frame taken from the same location. Visible in the foreground are numerous gawking eclipse seekers, some deploying pretty sophisticated cameras. As the Moon and Sun moved together across the sky -- nearly horizontally from this far north -- an increasing fraction of the Sun appears covered by the Moon. In the central frame, the Moon's complete blockage of the disk of the Sun makes the immediate surroundings appear like night during the day. The exception is the Moon itself, which now appears surrounded by the expansive corona of the Sun. Of course, about 2.5 minutes later, the surface of the Sun began to reappear. The next total eclipse of the Sun will occur in 2016 March and be visible from Southeast Asia.
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Spooky but spot on!
Lunar Eclipse April 4, 2015
Captured at 4:51 am as the moon set behind foothills near Monitor Pass in the Eastern Sierra.

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Must try later
Fly around & even skim the surface of asteroid Vesta with Vesta Trek, a free, web-based application that provides detailed visualizations of one of the largest asteroids in our solar system. Details:
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Spectacular shot from my fellow eclipse chaser +halda mohammed , who was at Fahroe Island yesterday. In between the clouds, he still managed to capture an astounding sight!

Great shot!

Also spotted at
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Indeed +David Dickinson , waiting for him to return home on what actually happened there.
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Jupiter tonight, under not so favourable sky.

15 March 2015, 1200 UTC
Jupiter 15 March 2015. 1200 UTC SW120ED @ F=1800mm AutoStakkert2 PixInsight
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