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.. and I thought Scary Movie series were funny!

This one is a winner!
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I watched this last Friday on Steam and was completely amused.  "I was struck by lightning...and bit by a Cobra"
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Now this is simply superb!
Now this is one I'm happy with. In rock-steady seeing tonight between clouds, I managed to snag what I think is my best attempt at Saturn so far. The north polar haxagonal storm is easily seen, and the varying colour in the cloud bands stands out. Always looking to improve, so feel free to chip in some tips.

Meade LX90 8" SCT, 2x Barlow and QHY CCD 5L-II monochrome CMOS with Orion LRGB filters. Firecapture 2.4 beta for acquisition, best 50% of 10000 luminance frames, and 60 second each RGB, stacked in Autostakkert!2 with some changes to my usual approach, wavelet sharpening in Registax 6, composition and cosmetics in Photoshop CS6.
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Thanks Shahrin! 
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Now let's see some pictures.
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Last week's Sinus Iridum shot
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Some workflow on AutoStakkert! 2
AS! 2 is a powerful application designed to produce stacks of images, such as lunar, planetary and solar recordings. Specific information on features is described on the astrophotography website of Emil Kraaikamp. On this page I will give some global instructions on how to process images using ...
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Have him in circles
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Looks like I will ServoCAT-ed my ES 12" scope.

Currently, Gary from ServoCAT is helping out ironing out the ground board design.

With the lack of knowledge of any wood working skills, I find it a bit daunting.

Do anyone else had a SC installed, and making the Powered Ground Board yourself? Could you share some tips and photos?
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+Paul Stewart  Nothing fancy, it's just that the aperture fever has struck again! But couldn't live without a tracking scope.   :-)
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Having a blast with the new arsenal, at yesterday's outreach event. Now need to servocat it! There goes my ccd budget!
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Warning! Cloud Attractor! 
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+Amirul Hazim Kamarulzaman time flies.. Hehe 
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My life line, under the tangled world of PixInsight
PixInsight video tutorials, processing examples, and resources. User interface, tools and process.
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Ok, trying out this new Google+ Collection features.

It would be great if Google allows me to 'collect' back all my past posting, rather than needing me to repost back all my previous photos, which I think kinda redundant.
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Beautiful sight in the west just after sunset this evening... The crescent Moon with earthshine, accompanied by Venus and the bright star Aldebaran (and the Hyades open cluster)
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