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Shahmi Saidi (TechnoSparks)
It is enthusiasm that fuels my need to learn those I like.
It is enthusiasm that fuels my need to learn those I like.

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The encryption feature is, albeit extremely useful, it is also very very dangerous.

Been using it for a long while now. But it suddenly corrupted some files inside the secure folder when i did absolutely nothing.

It's a pity that i have kept such files for almost a year now, and worse yet I don't have a backup of it.

I am still sane and rational, therefore i know i can't ask for the developer to bring back the files. I will though save it in case they would suddenly become accessible again.. Who knows.

However, i think the developer should really look into the matter and do some rigorous random file operation testings to make sure stuff would work as it should be.

Log is sent through email.

Thank you

I notice that some artists would be hidden in the artists list. If i were to search using the search feature, such artists do exist, and we can actually play them.

This only happens on Phonograph. Tested on Sony Music and it lists all the artists without any problems.

Uh oh, for a completely different platform, this issue also happens on windows on its windows media player, and groove music. On my main laptop OS, Linux Mint, Banshee is able to list all of them without any problems whatsoever.

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Outlite Pro is a very amazing theme. The little details that are included makes it feel polished and finished. And seriously it is joyful to see those little stuffs when they happen.

However, I do stumble upon some errors.

I don't know if these are absent for CM, but I am using AICP, a CM-based ROM. I am also unaware if the developer would resolve the issues if it is a ROM not CM. I am here to report it anyway. Should the developer choose to ignore because it is not CM, I believe I should respect that.

Sub-QS tiles header text colour (i dont know if this is a correct name lol)

If one were to long-tap any QS tile that opens a mini options list, the header text is dark. This applies to anything in the notification drawer that has such mini list. Including but not limited to Battery Profile, User, Mobile Data and Do not Disturb.
"Do not disturb" hidden scroller button

Once long tapped on the DnD QS tile, a list of options will be presented. The second option, which should allow you to enable DnD for a period of time, has + and - buttons right next to it. If Outlite is applied, the buttons are missing, probably transparent or same colour as background, although still tappable
Add new contact screen, multiple ticks on app bar

If one is editing or creating a new contact, there are two ticks icon on the app bar. I dont know if this is by design, or an error of the theme. But it sure looks awkward, as the icon on the left should be a "back" icon
Dark "reset" icon on settings where such icon is present

For example, if you navigate to Status Bar in Settings, you can see the "reset" icon next to the search icon is dark

The following is my device information
AICP Marshmallow 6.0.1 Nightly August 1
Xperia SP (huashan)
320 dpi
Outlite PRO 2.0 from Play Store

Attached are the screenshots illustrating the errors listed. It would be extremely great if those issues are solved in a future update, although that depends on the hands of the developer.

As always, Outlite is an amazing theme, and I really, really like it!

Thank you and best regards.
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Cometh me here with a problem to report and a suggestion to tell

Let's start with the problem first — i can't pinpoint from which nightly to be exact, however i notice that alarms no longer sound through the speakers if headphones are inserted.

"How can this be a problem", you may ask.. Well, i have a bitch of a roommate, not to mention the whole hostel residents too. So i always sooth myself in the night with looping sounds of nature, brown noises or a dash of ASMR. Sounds weird right? But yeah I've been practising this for quite a long time. And it is definitely come into great use at a place where majority are bitches lol. If you fell asleep with headphones in your ears, there are huge chances that they will no longer be in your ears on the next morning. THIS is where the problem comes.. You can't hear the alarm as the headphones is now dismounted from your ears, and that the alarm sounds through the headphones.

Anyway, the usual behaviour is that alarms will sound on both headphones and the speakers when the time has come, but now it isn't anymore. Also by the way this also includes incoming call ringtone.

So, now the only suggestion.

Can we have an option for the battery percentage text to be located on the left of the battery icon?

And yep, that's it for the suggestion.

Thank you so much for reading, especially the AICP team 😄

I extremely appreciate, enjoy and thankful for the introduced new encryption feature! Thank you so much!

I have an idea for the safety of user files in regards of this new and great feature.

I lost 7GB worth of files when i was playing with the encryption feature. It is a good thing i did a backup of them in the first place. How exactly did i lost it? Wrong password. After so many attempts, the password which I thought to be correct kept being rejected and i was locked out of the folder. The original files are deleted as well, as I checked the delete source option before encrypting process.

"So what?" you may think. Reason is, i dont really trust the usual format of entering password twice. I'd suggest to also add a show password checkbox, so the user can read what they entered on both fields — for those who are cautious.

Thank you so much :D

I notice a subtle change in behaviour in Solid Explorer when it comes to listing directories from root.

To make this behaviour a lot more noticeable, consider revoking superuser permission for Solid Explorer for more visible outcome

1. Open Solid explorer, navigate to /mnt/
2. Look for folder "media_rw". This folder doesn't exist
3. Go to /data so that Solid Explorer would be "stimulated" and use root permission to list the file and folder contents
4. Go back to /mnt/ and now, the folder "media_rw" appears.
5. Swipe away Solid Explorer from recents, and relaunch the app
6. Navigate to /mnt
7. Same outcome, no "media_rw" folder

I am however unable to pinpoint from which version this started to happen. If anything useful, i am on the current latest version distributed from Play Store

Thank you for reading and have a really nice day! 😄

Why are SE still hasn't able to generate thumbnails for .flv videos?

Perhaps it really is a non-dominant format for a video, but one can argue that why 3gp videos can have their thumbnails generated?

I made the feature request on the uservoice forum thingy for a really long while now however the request doesn't receive attention.

I really wish this would be implemented in the future..

It's amazing how something can be slashed just because one has no bragging rights on that particular something. Hmm 

I think it would be very neat if we have a trigger to trigger media scan!

Lol he was just saying he will wait for the stable version. Though I know no one would even care, why the hell did you attacked him by saying he was questioning ETA?

I dont see any point at all
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