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Can we get the icon updated for the pixel launcher and also the design guidelines? Also while on 7.1, app shortcuts? Maybe search, nearby and monocle?

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Hope you implement shortcuts like upcoming, recent, etc. Or maybe even user-defined list of shows to quickly jump to.

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When scrolling and starting my swipe by touching an ad, it always opens the ad, regardless of where your finger is when you let go.

Sometimes ads pop up late and I'll end up opening them as I'm scrolling and then pressing back only for my original page to refresh.

Otherwise love it!

Bryan, just realized there's one thing missing from PlexFit that I missed from my UP band. My sleep schedule is always irregular, in one week I might go to bed at the same time twice, but probably no more, unless I'm on vacation or something.

ANYWAY, with the UP24, in the morning when I'd wake up, if I found my sleep tracking started a little too early (maybe when I was on my PC before bed), or if it thought I was asleep for an extra half hour because I was laying in bed, I could change it in the app with a slider.

It displays your movement history through the night of when it THOUGHT I was sleeping, and if I knew for sure I went to bed an hour earlier/later than that, I could just adjust the beginning time and it'd update right then and there.

The sleep time in the app works a little, but if I'm already inactive when that time rolls around then it just assumes I'm sleeping and completely wrecks my tracking.

Two things:

1. The contrast on the Pebble Time's display is pretty low when the backlight is off, could you change some colors around perhaps? Or allow customizing it?

2. I paused tracking to do something, and it crashed, and every time I tried launching it from quicklaunch it would repeatedly crash. If I opened it in my list of apps it worked fine, a reinstall of the watch app fixed it.

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Hey guys, I don't know if this is the right section to ask but here goes anyway.

Been using Euphoria on my Nexus 6 since it launched, and it's without a doubt my favorite ROM that I've ever used. Problem for me is I just got a new Nexus 9 and don't have the luxury of flashing Euphoria on it.

I've been looking at other mainstream ROMs trying to find something with a close-enough feature set that I can use to be as close feature-wise to my Nexus 6 as possible. Problem for me is all these devs' changelogs are either hidden away behind multiple links or obfuscated some other way, making it annoying to have to dig through each ROM to find what they offer.

So what I'm asking, and again I apologize if this isn't the place, what other ROM has the closest set of features to Euphoria that I can run on my Nexus 9? I really love everything you guys do, and if I can't get Euphoria on my 9 then I went the next closest thing.
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