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Super Find - Gentle Cleanser for Tough Makeup!
Want a cleanser that is gentle on your skin but tough on your makeup? Then lo and behold, for here's what you need [Amm that sounds a bit like a dramatic washing powder ad, no?] Anywho. So, I received a sample size of Bioderma
Sensibio H20 Micelle Solution ...

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3D Makeup Printer, Mink, Takes Over Beauty World!!
Imagine how would it be to get ANY shade of foundation, powder, eye shadow, lipstick or cream you want, without having to scour stores like Carrefour or Sephora every now and then? Like your own small cosmetics manufacturing factory under your own roof? I s...

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Healthy Eating Out Option: Balance Cafe
Balance Cafe, Oasis Center Located on the third floor of Oasis Center, Sheikh Zayed Road, Balance Cafe is one of the wings of Balance 360. This place offers healthy culinary experience,  blending ancient Ayurvedic and Greek concepts, Yogic Art and macrobiot...

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May Edition of GlamBox comes with (a) BENEFIT!!
This May, GlamBox has announced that they will once again be
tying up with Benefit, to create another Glamista-exclusive, Benefit box. The
box will not only feature a selection of Benefit’s most loved beauty essentials,
but will also be the launch platform ...

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Scrub Face Off: Neutrogena vs Clean & Clear
Who wants to get rid of their blackheads? Like
Forever? Definitely me, and pretty much everyone of us! Generally, my skin is pretty all right. It acts
up every now and then with a peel or a zit, but chooses to behave otherwise.
Despite the normalcy, I do ge...

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For the love of…Nail Wraps!
If life were as indulgent as I would like, I would probably
have a manicurist at my disposal at all times of the day. But as such treats are beyond my means at the moment, I make
do with an occasional trip to the salon and otherwise at home, tug-of-war with...

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Winner Announcement: NutriDiet for a Month!
It's my birthday month cherries!! I am sure only I am crazy excited about my birthday, and there is nothing miraculous about turning 26 - but I am excited, regardless. I had a mini celebrations at work today, with divine ice cream cake and a uber sexy, beig...
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