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This is an excerpt from the rule book ("game manual") of a robotics game competition, in which I'm involved as an educator.
The manual can be found here:

I have a background in JavaScript. I would like to know whether the rules of the game allow for the development of the software to be in JavaScript.

My registration in the official forums is pending, so I can't ask there, yet. Besides, I expect to be some excellent answers here, as well.

So, according to this excerpt, nothing prohibits use of other programming languages.

Yet, there is a tight restriction which IDE I'm allowed to use? Is this for reals?

I have my preferences, but whatever. If Android Studio can be used for developing for Android in JavaScript, perhaps I can deal with that.

But, again... The team must use a specific IDE? Really?

App Inventor is obviously not an option. I'd like these kids to learn real code at 9th/10th grade.

And then there's JNI and NDK, which aren't IDEs at all. So I don't really get the point of these restrictions.

Now, please keep in mind that I never touched a single line of Android code. All I know is that the language is Java and that there's big API surface and that there's a dedicated IDE called Android Studio and that there are API levels and that a JavaScript engine can be used and that native binaries can also be compiled and used.

Ideally, I'd run Node.js on the phone for this robotics thing. It is for autonomous missions, BTW.

So, I'm hoping that ya'll can tell me how you would go about developing this, if you had a strong preference for JavaScript.

Here are some resources:

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Awesome dad!

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I do write my projects one function per module. Like this one: .

What do you think?

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Volvo just saved lives

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JavaScript Standard Style

One Style to Rule Them All

No decisions to make. No .jshintrc, .jscsrc, or .eslintrc files to manage. It just works.

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Thank you, #FCC.

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Using +GPS Essentials​ during a commercial flight on an Airbus A320. Awesome software. Very interesting. Notice our maximum speed! I didn't realize it was that fast.
First screen shot is during descent. Notice negative climb.
The second screenshot is at the touch down moment of landing.
+Kfir Pronkhorst
+Reut Rivka
+Keren Or
+Daniel Dery​
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