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Peel away the reasons for the reasons & reasoning is a farce.But still heartfelt conviction is a misfit in this world hungry for xplanations
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I arabican and I want be astress in india like priyanka so I want acting with you and I want someone help me realy india movie this my dream I know you best actor king khn I dont like salman for you
Wow,i think you are a big fond of Bollywood, wish you all the very best and wish to see you in a Indian film:) +Ihssanita sweet
Same question here......?????????
My mom likes zayn hahaha. She said zayn looks like shahrukh khan (bollywood actor) huahahahahaha oh please!
bahano ko goli maro,bahana ek wahem he,jo sirf dil sambhalta he is sachchai se jo ye dunia sunna chahti he....(xnharry)
definetly, i wonder if your heart was hungry for an explanation when any of ur movies did not do well
 iwant took with you but you downt kir any thing ! took the words out of my mouth...Thanks for saying whats on your mind. : )
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