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How To Get 400 Email Subscribers Per Month (FREE) From Organic Search And Rank #3 In Google (A Step-By-Step SEO Case Study)

I'm EXCITED for today's case study.

Kellie O'Brien is an in-demand launch strategist, former client and all round good person.

Kellie has a massive email list and this is partly due to ONE blog post she published over 2 years ago.

​Today this single piece of content generates up to 400 email new email subscribers every month....and it all comes from search engines.

(Some months it can generate her up to 600 email new subscribers.)

Just from:




But mainly Google. :)


Using Content-Driven SEO.

That's it.

400 new email subscribers from a few hours work she did over 2 years ago.

Did I say free traffic TRUMPS paid traffic any day of the week?!

But there's more than just publishing a blog post and using the 'publish and pray approach' and hoping for the best.

We don't build businesses based on hope ever.

Kellie was very strategic and she chose a keyword that people search for everyday.

​Here's what else you'll learn in today's case study:

How Kellie's post ranks #3 on Google. I step you through HOW and WHY this is happening (amazing considering she did no external outreach).

Shae's favourite: find out the keyword research tool that I use everyday to find low competition keywords to deliver my keyword reports.

The one BIG mistake that cost Kellie over a thousand subscribers. Don't do this.

How her organic traffic has increased by more than 100% over two years.

And more.

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