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Head Spinning Delight!
What you see pictured here is the Seattle Great Wheel, the tallest Ferris wheel on the USA west coast since opening in 2012. Well, that was up until last month! Just ONE week after I took this photo, the Ferris Wheel in Vegas opened... and that is now the tallest observation wheel in the WORLD! Sorry Seattle :)

Seattle businessman Hal Griffith built the Ferris Wheel on the pier (which he also owned) and it opened to the public June 29, 2012. More facts about it throughout the album, and as you can see the photo opportunities were endless! Such a great spot for experimentation!

#seattle #seattlegreatwheel  #ferriswheel  
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فين المكان ده
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The Famous Ivar's Seafood Bar in Seattle attracts thousands of locals and tourists alike. For less than $10 you can have yourself some fresh Alaskan Salmon or Cod, two of my most favourite fish! And no where near as dear as in Sydney that's for sure (or anywhere else in the World come to think of it...)

One of the attractions (aside from the amazingly delicious seafood) is the Seagull landing, where dozens of birds flock to share your lunch :) I sat there enjoying the sunset, feeding them my chips and taking photos of the amazing landscape. 

Hands down best FISH (not chips) I have had globally from a Fish & Chips shop. 

#seattle   #ivars   #fishnchips  
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Company Counts. Especially in Vegas.
I had an amazing weekend catching up with one of my closest friends whom I haven't seen in over a year!

Although I swore that I would never return to Vegas after last year's trip (kind of a once-in-lifetime tick off the bucket list sort of place) I am actually glad I did as it was quite pleasant in the warmer weather and enjoying it with friends makes all the difference. Highlight was definitely the Cirque du Soleil Show "Love" (which is performed to Beatles songs and set in the English era in which they were supreme).

Thanks to all my G+ friends who made suggestions for places to go!
#lasvegas   #cirquedusoleil  
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Jenny A
+Shaden Mohamed, towels can also be used as curtains when you need to block out light. :)
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Snow Fields in Utah cover the mountains like a cotton blanket, perfect for ski and snowboarding. I've opted for hot coffee and a good book. Winter views don't get better than this! 
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My Visit to the first Starbucks in the World!
Yes yes right here in Seattle, the first store established in 1971. Notice the original logo.

I'm drinking an Ethiopian reserve coffee made "pour-over" style. Video to come later. 
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Been there. It was great!
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Shaden Mohamed

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About to watch Strictly Ballroom theater production! Super excited... who's watched the movie? 
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That's good to hear! I really have a soft spot for the characters. 
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Best Accidental Cruise Ever!
It was my first day in Seattle. The weather was chilly but the sun was out and not a drop of rain in sight. I walked along Alaskan Way and the Pier, taking in all the sights and enjoying the coffee (yes, it is the city of coffee!) I was standing watching the boats come in, when I heard an announcement through the loud speaker "half price for the Harbour cruise, departing in 30 mins." Well... it was almost 5pm, too early for dinner, so why the heck not!

And so for $12, I took a 1 hour cruise and saw the Seattle skyline, one of the world's largest shipping terminals, glimpses of Mt. Rainier and mountain ranges in the distance and of course, a detailed historical account of Puget Sound and the interesting events that have taken place in Seattle over the past 60 years. Highly recommended!

#pugetsound   #seattle   #harbourcruise  
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So sweet nice
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Hemp Lattes, 2 headed calves, bubblegum walls and cheery blossoms are among the things you will find in Seattle! This seemingly quite and family-friendly town has a wacky side to it that's for sure! Seattle's weird and wonderful sights took me by surprise, as they were not listed in any of the online guides that I read, and as I walked through the city for 6 hours I came across all sorts of hidden treasures.

Seattle was definitely a city that under-promised and over-delivered on experience!
#seattle   #gumwall
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Shaden Mohamed

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Hello Vegas. Anyone have any tips for sightseeing?*
Ps have seen the canyon.

*non gambling, non alco, non nakedness!
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+Shaden Mohamed Glad you did have fun... Red Rock and Valley of Fire will still be there. Come back soon! Bring good walking shoes.
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Shaden Mohamed

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Earth's Embrace by Shaden Mohamed
Frosted flowers, withered blooms
Sit silently in open fields
Awaiting light and dark to pass
And gentle winds to which they yield

Amongst the songs of birds in flight
That signal start and end of days
The blooms will shiver as they wake
To greetings from the morning rays

And as the pickled apples wilt
Into the earth from whence they shined
The worms embrace their daily feast
On life the World has left behind.

There is no mourning of the dead
For life gives life to lives anew
And guided by Time's short embrace
The world will bow as they pass through.

#poetry #poem
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There are probably sites about it, but I think usually people just tag it with #nationalpoetrymonth and post daily if you can. There are pages and communities you can follow as well. You'll probably see the posts pop up starting in April though. :)
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Excellent pasta. Delicious. Had the marinara dish minus the wine and I savored every bite! Try the italian gelato with the cherries, choc chips and pistachios. Best meal out in a long time.
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Food was tasty, full of flavour. But the value wasn't there for me, and parking is atrocious. Highlight was the coffee that came with a Turkish delight!
Public - a month ago
reviewed a month ago
Free wifi was enough to get me in for a breakfast of mcCafe options. And service was great (very friendly)
Public - 2 months ago
reviewed 2 months ago
Nice place mostly for the location. I'm not a fan of Indian food but didn't realise until after I sat down. Either way it wasn't good value for money (small portion size...)
Public - 2 months ago
reviewed 2 months ago
74 reviews
What a fantastic dining experience! The seafood chowder was to die for! The steaks were juicy and cooked well. The only problem: we ate too much and didn't leave room for dessert! Would go back again (and again)!
Public - 2 months ago
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Loved the fact that there were halal options! Burgers were interesting in flavour (for example you could add mango or avocado). Not the best tasting but the service and atmosphere was great.
Public - 2 months ago
reviewed 2 months ago
Fantastic zaatar rolls with chicken yum! Only problem: they close too early and hardly ever open. Very annoying given they are the only decent cafe within 5km radius!
Public - 3 months ago
reviewed 3 months ago