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Intelligent people are more likely to trust others, while those who score lower on measures of intelligence are less likely to do so, says a new study. Researchers based their finding on an analysis of the General Social Survey, a nationally representative public opinion survey carried out in the United States every one to two years. The authors say one explanation could be that more intelligent individuals are better at judging character and so ...
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This is a playlist I made of all his music, chronologically with some interviews at the end. Hope you get a chance to check it out.
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A pretty complete chronological playlist of his songs, ending with many interviews. A must for all Deville fans and  I am sure he will gain many more as he is listened to in the years to come post-mortem. Rest in peace, Mr. Deville, you were a rare and true artist.
Almost complete chronological playlist of all his songs, album by album. Additionally I have included many interviews at the end.
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