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Haha... lustig. Verschiedene Frühstückvarianten von Kindern testen zu lassen...

American Kids Try Breakfasts From Around the World:
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Shad Fernandez

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How to slice a banana before you even peel it!
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Shad Fernandez

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Ok, gang.
This one's personal.
My beautiful friend, Dominique, is fighting Stage 4 lung cancer with grace and the most incredible spirit I've ever seen.
The medical bills are crushing. Please help me take away at least some of her worry by lightening her financial load.
And, as if the massive amount of good you're doing isn't enough, I'm offering Twitter follows to donors at the $150 level;  I also have NINE 8x10's of me as Seven of Nine with my Voyager castmates, Robert Picardo (The Doctor) and Garrett Wang (Harry Kim), SIGNED BY ALL 3 OF US for donations of at least $350. I only have 9 of these, so they are on a first-come first-served basis.
But whether you donate big or can only spare a dollar, EVERY BIT HELPS! 
Thanks, Plussers.
Dominique is a beautiful, vibrant, generous, and incredibly kind woman and newlywed. She is also battling Stage 4 lung cancer. 24-hour hospice care has become an unfortunate necessity. The  medical expenses she and her new husband are facing have become overwhelming. Please help me ease this burd...
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Shad Fernandez

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#45, woh.
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Very Good!!
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Shad Fernandez

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PlanetQuest is NASA's effort to search for new Earths, exoplanets like ours that would probably contain life too. They're doing some really cool stuff, like this sunflower-telescope combo spaceship—"a cutting-edge effort to take pictures of planets orbiting stars far from the sun." Imagine that—seeing the actual planets!
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Shad Fernandez

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Why I bought a Chromebook

I bought a Chromebook this week. In fact I am typing this on it. However, this isn’t my only computer. I have computers with most major operating systems: Windows, OSX and Linux. In the course of a day I also use most form factors: smartphones, tablets, laptops and a desktop. 

So why would I buy a Chromebook?

Part of the reason goes back to that laundry list of computers I use in the course of a day. By moving most of my writing projects to Google Docs, I have access to them and can work on them no matter where I am or what computing device I have with me.  If a large part of my writing workflow is in the cloud, do I really need a powerful computer to access it?

Another reason I bought a Chromebook is portability. For the longest time I carted around an iPad. However to make it a real content creation machine I had to add a keyboard. I found a great keyboard case, it looked great, worked great and even had a good typing feel. But, when you add a keyboard you’re adding to the size and weight of the device. 

You’re also adding cost. When you add the keyboard case my iPad clocked in around the $800 dollar range. I paid $199 for this Chromebook. A few years ago I got a MacBook Pro. It’s a great machine, one of the best laptops I’ve ever owned. I was so fond of it I even started carting it back and forth to work. 

Then one day as I was getting some things out of the car, my laptop bag slipped off my shoulder and my laptop went crashing to the concrete. The bag absorbed much of the impact but even so it could not absorb the impact of it landing on the corner of the device. The metal shell of the MacBook was bent. I had to take a metal file to the case just to get the lid to open. There still is a visible ding but at least it works. 

After hearing the sickening clunk of a month old $1,500 dollar MacBook hit the payment, after seeing the damage to my new baby, I just can’t bring myself to drag it out into the cold, hard, cruel world anymore. There, there baby. Daddy will protect you.

I don’t worry about that with this Chromebook. While I would be disappointed if something happened to it, there is a big difference between a $200 dollar disappointment and a $1,500 dollar disappointment. 

I have played with various versions of Linux for years. Even though Linux powers most of the web’s infrastructure, it occasionally leaves a bit to be desired when it comes to the user experience. There is something to be said for commercial operating systems like Windows and OSX. There’s a bit more polish. Things usually just work. 

There are times I love to tinker with Linux and explore how things work, even if that means breaking a few things in the process. ChromeOS is Linux based. However, since it’s a commercial OS there’s a bit more polish. As a writing tool, I want something that just works. I don’t want to futz with dependencies, I don’t want to find out that the latest package upgrade changed the tool that I was used to. 

I just need it to work. 

The same. 

Every time. 

ChromeOS is simple. There are only minimal number of settings to configure. From what I have experienced so far, it just works and I really like that. 

Another thing I really like about it is the size. When the MacBook Air came out everyone raved about how convenient the 11” Air was. Big enough to be productive but small enough to be easy to cart around. My Acer C720 Chromebook is just about the same size as an 11” MacBook Air. In fact, it’s just a bit thicker but weighs about the same. 

I have a question to ask you. Of all the time you spend on your computer, how much of that time do you spend in a web browser? Yeah, there are times that I need to use a stand alone app but I also have a real computer for that. If I spend 90 to 95% of my time in a web browser maybe a lightweight, easy to use Chromebook is the perfect second computer. I bet for a lot of people a Chromebook is all the computer they need. After all, what most people do: email, the web, social media can all be done very, very well through a browser. 

Just how much computer do you really need?

#chromeos   #chromebook   #ns  
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Join members of AMC’s The Walking Dead cast as they answer your questions before the premiere on February 8 at 9|8c.
This Hangout On Air is hosted by amc. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
#TWDHangout – Live Q&A with the Cast of The Walking Dead, Tuesday Feb 3rd at 12pm ET
Tue, February 3, 12:00 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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Today we’re introducing a brand new Google Calendar app for Android. It’s designed to be a helpful assistant, so you can spend less time managing your day, and more time enjoying it. 
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Shad Fernandez

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What falls faster - feathers or a bowling ball?
The proof you've always wanted to see!
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Shad Fernandez

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Why Android Wear will rule the smartwatch!

The announcement of Android Wear, and smartwatches from LG and Motorola, was greeted by the public as: “Oh, look — a new kind of gadget!”

But the wearable revolution in general and Google’s Android Wear initiative in particular, is barely even about gadgets.

The smartwatch revolution is about three things: devices, smartphone apps and cloud services.

You’ll note, however, that these are listed in order from least to most important. Here’s why Google’s total dominance of the third aspect of the smartwatch revolution will make them unbeatable:

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Shad Fernandez

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See these happy teachers? Wouldn't you like to make a teacher you know this happy?

Well then let them know about the summer Monticello Barringer Fellowship program, an immersive, seven-day opportunity for history teachers interested in creating materials for Monticello’s Digital Classroom and new Sea of Liberty websites. It includes lodging as well as a stipend for meal and travel costs. Information and application at (applications due March 15, 2014)
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A neat historical experience. Kids loved exploring the nation's third navy ship. Can't beat the price... Free.
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This place is a lot of fun. I liked the wide open spaces with wall-to-wall trampolines. You can jump easily from one bounce area to another. On a Saturday afternoon it was packed with people but there was still room to jump. The kids loved jumping into the inflated air pads area and running up and down the angled trampolines. For parents who are just watching there are benches situated throughout. Our 9 year old is looking forward to his 10th birthday party there. A bit more expensive than a typical "pizza party" but worthwhile for the occasional special day.
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