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Helps inclusive micro businesses get more and BETTER clients online.
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Hi guys,

I got an email response from developers of a CMS system saying the following in response to my query regarding the pagespeed insights report which had a score of 40/100:

"The analysis tools that provide page speed reports are intended to assist development teams evaluate their software against best practices for basic web site development.

These tools/reports lose their potency when applied to advanced web applications like ----------, with dynamic content, animations, and portals. In these instances, less than stellar scores are not indicative of performance issues rather are a result of mismatch between the test and type of web software. A high score would not mean fast load times, just as a low score does not mean slow load times.

Our engineering and infrastructure teams leverage modern techniques to help ensure fast load times for users across all devices and locations. This includes client and server side caching, content delivery networks (CDN), compression (gzip) of site resources, automated optimization of media content, and web accelerator add-on packages.

If you note any particular pages that are loading slowly please let us know we are happy to review and make recommendations to improve.
In the meantime, the best way to e ect an immediate change is by optimizing your images for web, which you indicated you had already begun doing."

What would be your response to this? Is there really no point running pagespeed analysis in our SEO tech audits?

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For some reason, when your browser language setting is set to Russian or Arabic, and when you search for 'ag5 yzer' (which is a brand term) Google displays the Korean version in the SERPs. Screenshot below. I've checked the hreflang tags and they all look fine. Is there something I am missing by any chance?

This is the URL:

Hello, can someone suggest a tool that will crawl a website and identify internal linking opportunities? For example, if I specify a keyword and then it finds all the pages with that particular keyword? I tried using SF, but it's also pulling all the footer and navigation links. Appreciate any suggestions. 

Question: Does Baidu and Yandex still not index HTTPS? If a website wants to launch in markets where Yandex and Baidu are the dominant search engine, is sticking to HTTP still the more safer option?

Hi All, I've got a hreflang question. Can you implement hreflang tags across different domains? For example, can you have hreflang tags implemented on (as the US language site), (as the AUS language site) and so on? 

Question on video sitemaps. All the videos on the site are youtube embeds. Can you still submit sitemaps for these? Do you need access to the raw video files?

Can anyone recommend for me a tool or software they use to create video sitemaps? Ideally it shouldn't be a plugin or a script that requires backend installation.

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The Dubai International Film Festival is hosted by Madinat Jumeirah for the 10th year! Here are some neat facts about the hotel.
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