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Android Developer and Star Wars lover!
Android Developer and Star Wars lover!

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RIP Chester Bennington #LinkinPark #ThisSucks

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When the concept armadillo source of a not yet finished product is years ahead of what Android is with Multiwindow...

You know you're in holidays when you finally have time to sit and read some stuff! I've recently found that medium is actually the best place to start reading as a geek.

Let's see if there's enough time to master Java8 on Android, Kotlin, Reactive Programming, Dart and TensorFlow (LSTM) before classes start!

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Must have!
Rview 1.0.0-beta1

I just published in the Play Store the first public beta release of Rview, a Gerrit client application  for Android. You can do practically anything you can do in the Gerrit web, with the main exception of edits:

- View your dashboard.
- View open, merged or abandoned changes.
- Search for changes.
- Review and comment on changes.
- Compare textually and visually the differences on any changed file.
- and much more...

It's still in a beta stage, with some pending features to be added in the roadmap, so it could (sure) contains bugs and crashes. Any bug report or feature request are welcome :).

Rview is free, open sourced and ads free. You can checkout the source code at

PS: I want to give the thanks to +Danny Baumann for his help, patching and testing the app. As always, I really appreciate it :)

#gerrit #rview  

Why is the Nexus line discontinued?

Official response: We're building our own hardware and Nexus means working with OEM partners which is not on our current plans.

Real situation: We're killing Nexus because they're the only real competition to our new Pixels.

What used Nexus to mean?

Developer friendly devices, unlockable, hackable and perfect test scenarios for developers to start working on the latest API level as soon as possible. We didn't care about it having a "terrific" camera or a beautiful design. They were the Android war machines for any developer who wanted to build software ontop the platform.

What does this mean to developers?

If you want to work on the latest API level you need to buy a really expensive premium device that you'll probably enjoy as a user but not as a developer.

So no custom ROMs for Pixels till AOSP gets 7.1 (who would flash a 7.0 ROM on a device that ships with 7.1?). Probably no custom ROMs nor kernels on any Verizon Pixel. No MR1 code push till sometime Q1 2017. No MR1 preview build on Nexus until end of the year. And well no Pixel exclusive features on AOSP (yay more proprietary code on Android).

Google, the new Apple?

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App recommendation, I've been testing it for few days and it's awesome. +Willi Ye​ rocks!

What a time to be alive... 


"Locking your screen orientation by usingandroid:screenOrientation is also affected by multi-window. For apps not targeting Android N, adding android:screenOrientation means you will not support multi-window at all — you’ll always force the user out of multi-window mode."

That goes to all those orientation locked apps like Instagram, Supercell games... Google knows you suck and you'll have to improve how an app works on all orientations possible, finally!

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Just awesome #MWC16

See you there!
Nothing creepy about this. Nothing at all.

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