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How to Build a Strong, Healthy Body with a Plant-Based Lifestye
How to Build a Strong, Healthy Body with a Plant-Based Lifestye


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Anyone NOT want to lift or prevent a saggy butt lol?!

Amongst all the "heavy, real, and raw" stuff I've been divulging, I want to make sure to also talk about the "fun" and "light" topics... How to work on building a tight and toned booty would be one such topic ;)

I was honored to chat with my favorite Food Heals Nation friends about just that, and of course, it was a conversation full of laughs as well as actual useful tips for a beautiful butt!!!

Check out the episode 169 available NOW!!!
Tune in and here's what you'll discover:

-Why we get tummy fat
-Best exercises for abs (it’s not what you think!)
-What your stomach needs to be flat
-How empty calories impact your body
-The one life-changing tip for fat burning
-Ella’s 3 top tips for killer abs
-How intermittent fasting can help you heal

Hope you enjoy it!

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YOU'RE BEING RECRUITED! For this year's Seed Food and Wine 5K!

Team Ella wants YOU on her team (hahaha I rarely write in 3rd person... sound ridiculous;)) to walk, jog, or run with us.

ALL PROCEEDS GO TO HURRICANE RELIEF CHARITIES so you can help people in need, challenge your body, AND have a blast all at once :)

Click below to sign up. You'll be able to choose you're team there.

DON'T PROCRASTINATE... GET YOURSELF COMMITTED NOW (something I always tell myself and my clients. Once you set a date, it's out of your mind and you'll simply make it happen!

This is my favorite festival of the year, so attend as many events as you can. Use CODE "JOINME20" to receive 20% of ALL events.

See you there!!!

Let me know if you have any questions :)

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Super cool event coming up in just 10 days.... Come CELEBRATE GOOD (YOGA) TIMES! In honor of National Yoga Month (September) with us at the 1 Hotel

Paula, Derek, and Julianne put on EPIC events! You can grab your ticket by clicking on the link below.


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For those of you following my "coming out story"... Part 3 has been published!
And for those of you who have not, I invite you to start with Part 1:)

Here's a little teaser for you :)

"...because of the pressure I was putting on myself to be perfect, and the body dysmorphia, I was carefully measuring and monitoring my food intake 90% of the time. Surrounded by protein-obsessed “meat-heads” and personal trainer know-it-alls, I wanted to prove you could get plenty of protein from plants. I had developed what I now call “carb-phobia” and focused on packing in the vegan protein. The other 10% of the time..."

As challenging as it is to make myself vulnerable, I am loving being transparent by the way. It certainly doesn't come "naturally". I have so much to share though, and I know there are tons of people out there who are currently dealing with similar issue, it's a no-brainer!

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A great example of what happens when you become, as I call it, "Plant-Empowered"...

First of all, I am incredibly grateful that we did not get a direct hit from Irma here in Miami, and my heart goes out to everyone who got the worst of it.

I am still without power and as many of you know It's hot as sh*t right now with little breeze, so my apartment is a sauna. There are only a handful of spots open to eat and work with wifi... especially places that allow dogs inside (I won't leave my little girl in a sauna!) One of those places is the Yard House, but with a limited menu.

Since a green salad is the only healthy-ish vegan item, I brought ingredients to put on the salad and make it into a legit lunch... chickpeas, avocado, hemp seeds, and pumpkin seeds all of which I had at home.

Did I feel a little silly whipping out a tupperware container with chickpeas to dump on my salad? Yes! Did I let that stop me? No way!

And here's the cool thing... this took almost no thought, energy, or effort. It was intuitive!

That's the kind of thinking you learn and practice in my 6-Week Plant-Empowered Coaching Program. It's about gaining the tools, practicing the tools, adopting new habits that make for a new routine, which turns into your LIFESTYLE with time and consistency!

Gaining the knowledge about plant-based nutrition is the easy part. (I teach you that too). Transitioning away from a DIET MENTALITY, and learning to eat intuitively is the bigger challenge... but totally do-able with the structured process and coaching I provide in the program :)

Learn more:

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I'm seriously filled with wonderment right now... Mount St. Helens is fascinating! 🌋😀Biggest landslide in recorded history happened here in my birth year, 1980 (yes I'm dating myself, and no, I didn't care), followed by the huge eruption that completely wiped out 254 square miles square miles of forest habitat.😳🌲🐾.And incredibly, life was able to return and has been rebuilding ever since.🌎💚🙌🏼 Going vegan is the single most effective way we can show the planet the respect it deserves and preserve it in all its wonderment. #govegan #vegantravel #veganstastebetter #mountsthelens #oregonhikes
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Great new post on the ClearlyVeg blog - wanted to share!

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Hi everyone!
Meet Lilly who lives in Norway! I connected with Lilly when she scheduled a strategy session to learn more about the 6-Week Plant-Empowered Coaching.
Lilly was ready to finally gain energy and drop the last pounds she couldn't seem to lose on her own.
I was thrilled to welcome her into the Program. She committed to the process, did the work, took advantage of the support, and it paid off!
Check out what she had to say below, and If you are struggling with finding your way, let's schedule a time to speak and see if we can help get you on the right path to developing the fit and healthy lifestyle that is SUSTAINABLE for you!

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Today marks the 36th anniversary of John Lennon's death... What a brilliant human being with a beautiful message. #inspiration #peace

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Honored to have been included in this incredibly inclusive article with AMAZING and honest tips from 26 influential experts in the plant-based world, including health professionals and trusted healthy-minded food bloggers.
Thanks Christin for doing such a wonderful job!!!
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