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"Deadly Police Shooting Video Released"

The officer thought the suspect shot at him while driving off in a stolen car, but those shots were actually fired by another officer who was targeting the stolen car. Take a look at our blog for more info:

#policeshooting #policebrutality #Chicago

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"Men Wrongfully Convicted Released After 23 Years In Jail"

Two Chicago men just had their charges against dropped and were released from prison recently after serving 23 years of their sentence. Take a look at our blog:

#wrongfulconviction #criminalcharges #Chicago 

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"Fast Food Patron Gets Steamed, Then Grilled By Police"

Tempers flared after a car tried to enter the drive-thru lane through the wrong entrance, which soon escalated into assault charges:

#assault #criminalcharges #Chicago 

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"Chicago Suburban Woman Let Bird Fly During DUI Arrest"

Most people are on their best behavior when getting pulled over by the police, especially if the potential charge is DUI. However, one woman proved she was not capable of tact during her mug shot:

#DUI #criminalcharges #Chicago 

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"Chicago Police Arrest 140 In Raids On Gangs"

A two-day operation carried out by Chicago police lead to the arrest of 140 people, netted thousands of dollars in drug money, and a number of weapons as well. Check out our blog for more info:

#policeraid #criminalcharges #Chicago 

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"Man Steals Dough From Cars To Support Chicago Pizza Habit"

A man from the Chicago suburb of Cicero was arrested for stealing money from cars to pay for his pizza habit. Take a look at our blog for more info:

#theft #criminalcharges #Chicago 

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"Chicago Man Freed After 20 Years In Jail"

After the man proved that he had ineffective counsel at his trial, and a new trial was ordered. It was anticipated that the prosecutors would re-try the case, but ended up dropping the charges altogether, which led to the release:

#criminaldefense   #trial   #chicago  

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"Chicago Red-Light Camera Laws Given The Green Light"

It may be a while before we can get rid of red-light cameras. In a recent decision that questioned the constitutionality of the program, a judge ruled that the program is in fact constitutional. Take a look in our blog:

#redlightcamera   #criminallaw   #chicago  

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"Illinois Medical Marijuana Pilot Program Dazed & Confused"

Since Illinois’ Medical Marijuana program became effective, many patients who are parents have been shocked to learn that they are at risk for scrutiny from Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS). Take a look at our blog:

#medicalmarijuana   #criminaldefense   #illinois  

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"Mitchell S. Sexner Wins Another Client Satisfaction Award"

Attorney Mitchell S. Sexner has received the coveted American Institute of Criminal Law Attorneys’ (AIOCLA). This is the second time he has been awarded with this honor. Take a look at our blog:

#awardwinning   #criminallaw   #attorney  
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